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30-Day DFY Barre Blend Posting Plan

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{Discuss your before, your NEW WORKOUT (BARRE BLEND) and the after! Be specific about the key reasons why your ideal customer will LOVE IT (as if they are your own) ♥️♥️ It's key to know the reasons why this workout will appeal specifically to your ideal customer– Quick? SOOO FUN? Flexibility?}. Talk about the benefits {that actually matter to them} & then have a call to action. Use a personal photo!

See how it's done...


I’ve NEVER been drawn to weight-lifting at the gym (**ain’t nobody got time for that) ❌

BUT I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be toned and feel good in my body cause who doesn’t?


And then I learned about ISOMETRIC Training (**Holding a contraction in place) which is an efficient, no-nonsense & calorie-burning method to get that toned and tightened look SANS the weights.

And I fell in love with BARRE...❤️


Here's why...

✌️ Every little movement is POWERFUL (*I can feel muscles I never knew I had & they are getting tighter in ALL the right areas!!!)

✌️I get to have FUN again in my workouts - it’s like being a beginner again and EVERYTHING is so fresh and new!! HELLA motivating & EASY to commit to!!

✌️I can do EVERY workout at home (**no hour-long unrealistic trips to the gym - just press PLAY & GO!!)

I FINALLY feel like I have a ROCK SOLID plan starting the new year that includes #toningandtightening #flexibility, #results & getting a #badassbooty 


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