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If you’re like many social entrepreneurs, you may remember Facebook USED to be easy. All that was needed to drive engagement was posting 3-5 times a day and people responded. Like in herds.

Content was enough. Content WAS king. 

If that’s your current strategy, you’re most likely STRUGGLING to grow your business, to connect with people and are FRUSTRATED or feeling sick of yourself with social media….maybe like you are having a tough time providing VALUE in a sea of sameness.

If that’s how your feeling, this blog post is for you!

Rather than going WIDE, AKA the “spray and pray method” where you post multiple times in hopes of getting a rise out of someone, you need to go DEEP, AKA the “X hits the spot method” where you go so deep into your ideal customer…so deep in fact that you know what happens in their bedroom.

When you go DEEP, you understand: WHO you’re talking to, WHAT you stand for, WHAT my message is and HOW to share it to DRIVE engagement in YOUR posts and reach YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER.

I created a 7 QUESTION process YOU can follow to get to the core of your IDEAL customer. You know, the customer that doesn’t waste your time, actually WANTS to buy and aligns with WHO you want to work with?

Yeah, that one.


1. What is your STORY?
You need to build authentic trust with your audience.

Why should they trust you? There are lots of people out there that look like you and talk like you and do the same things as you. Telling YOUR story and expressing the challenges that brought you to where you are now in your career is what makes you stand out, what makes you worthy of your audience’s trust and what starts to build that relationship. All relationships must begin with TRUST.

2. What is your SWEET SPOT?
You need to differentiate yourself in the sea of sameness.

What makes you different from all the other experts out there? What makes you a magical unicorn? I guarantee you that you are a unicorn even if you don’t know it yet. Certain events in our lives are what shape us into the thriving individuals we are today. These events often lead us to our careers and are what differentiate us from the rest. If you’ve heard of the hedgehog concept, you know what I’m describing here. We’ve all lead different lives and the sum of those events is our SWEET SPOT.

3. What are your VALUES?

You need to align your tribe.

What kind of people do you want to attract?  This is YOUR tribe. If you don’t define this, you will likely be targeting everyone which will suck your time, money and energy. You want to work with people that have that same values as you – that’s when YOUR products will perform best. So, what are those values and how do you communicate that to your audience?

4. What is your BRAND?
Define your authentic experience.

What language do you speak in regards to your brand? What fonts, colour and avatar is your brand and how does every part of your customer’s interactions with you CREATE THAT? Brand consistency is key in attracting your intended audience and keeping them engaged. Your brand is an introduction of you before you officially meet someone.

5. Who is your IDEAL CUSTOMER?

Know exactly who you’re talking to.

Who do you want to buy from you? Which SUV do they drive? How old are they?How many kids do they have? You need to know EXACTLY who you’re talking to as YOU need to speak directly to them. If you are speaking to EVERYBODY, you are speaking to NOBODY!

6. What is your 80/20? 

Which 20% gets you 80% of your results?

You need to know this to save money – never spend your marketing dollars on the 80%. You need to know this when it comes to your time. Which 20% gets your 80% of your results? This rule exponentially impacts your business and your ROI.

7. What questions are your IDEAL customer’s asking?

What keeps them up at night? You need to connect with them on this level. You need to have a strategy on answering their questions before they even know they are questions. Determine what it is that your audience would write in their diary, what their struggles are and deliver the content and blog posts and video posts to help answer their questions and struggles.

If you LOVED this article, there’s more where that came from. Check out The 21-Day YOU Challenge to learn more about how to put these 7 steps into ACTION!

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