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Lenwood was practicing law in New York City and was working with 2 billion dollar companies providing advice to their board and executives, and he left all of that 12 years ago. After a period of personal discovery and entrepreneurial hardship, he realized he needed to change. That our economy was undergoing MAJOR change and other people were also going to struggle to change to a digital world.
He learned more about technology, and leadership development because he recognized he needed growth in those areas and it was through this process that he discovered his CORE concern: PEOPLE, and how THEY would make this same change.

He focused his business on educational tools people need in order to become more creative, innovative, and to learn faster! His mission is about bringing other people along on the huge change that’s happening.

Although he was highly educated, he knew nothing about technology and moving forward, this was not acceptable anymore. While you don’t have to be a guru or take a programming course, you DO need to understand how tech impacts your world, and how to take advantage of it.

The digital world is a networking world, but people make it complicated due to a generalized fear of technology, and lack of understanding how it works. A key thing people do to be successful in our current world is using technology to network and build relationships, because opportunities eventually arise from those conversations.

Think of social media this way: BNI groups are networking groups that get together and everyone exchanges business cards to connect. Social media is the same thing, except you don’t go to the group every week. You wake up and the group IS STILL GOING because it’s going 24/7, 365 days a year. You have to create a social presence that accurately and authentically reflects who you are! LinkedIn is still popular, but the days of using it as a resume repository are behind us. You’re more interesting than your resume, so you want your digital representation to show people some character! This way, engaging on social media daily is FUN and interesting. Each day presents something new.

Dear New Entrepreneur: Just because it’ll be fun doesn’t mean it’ll be easy, especially in the beginning! It’s gonna be a chore at first, just like starting a gym habit. In the beginning, it’s mind over matter. With building a daily social media habit, you’re building a CRITICAL skill for your business that you’ll always need, because social media isn’t going away any time soon. It’s like working out or learning an instrument: you just gotta keep at it. As you get more comfortable initiating conversations and sharing content, you WILL get better.

The important thing that he does that’s different from a lot of other companies is that he has a process. VERY important: have a process you’re following, because you’ll rely on it in the beginning. What happens is as you’re doing it, the rhythm will begin. You’ll get a sense of how it works and that’s when it it’ll start to get fun adn teh fear of introducing or connecting with someone you do’t know will fall off. You’ll be out tere meeting new people, building a network, creating content and sharing your passion.

When sharing content, don’t just share an article, but share YOUR perspective on that subject without reservation. It will build into thought leadership, and help you be different and stand out, which carves out your space on the internet. The more authentically you can express why or how that content is important to the people following you, the better.

His most valuable advice when it comes to networking? Find people passionate about the topic that’s close to yours but not exactly the same, and connect with them. Find different sub-communities within your same broader community. For example: maybe you run a pilates community. Go into the nutrition community and speak about your pilates passion! You’ll pull in people who might realize that pilates is for them. You can do this by searching hashtags, and letting them take you to what other people are posting. Find something interesting, and like it/give it a comment. Start following. Build a relationship from there!

Final advice: Do some inner work. Work that’s not content marketing stuff or building your business, but work on who you are and getting in touch with that. As you work on connecting with your passion, it’ll start to flow through the things you’re doing online. Always be LEARNING. Lenwood surrounds himself with people who know more than he does. Have a routine that doesn’t require being up in the wee hours of the morning. Be healthy and understand that it’s a marathon!

To connect with Lenwood Ross: 

Twitter: @lenwood_ross
LinkedIn: lenwoodmross

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are accelerating into new territories because of how their people operate, not just because they’re “big.” ANY size company with employees that doesn’t understand technology isn’t just being left behind, they’re moving backward faster.
  • The more you share your passion - NOT try to sell your product or pump yourself up - the more success you’ll have, because people respond to that! They want to be inspired, and connect with people who believe in something.
  • For social media: Look for the stuff that moves you. People often scroll before they’ve created their own post, and it’s a defeating game. Instead, look for things that move you in the direction you want to go and NEVER compare yourself to anyone else!

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