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Naming a business or program is like the Grouse Grind (if you've ever been to Vancouver and climbed this extremely challenging mountain - nature's staircase as they call it).

It's seductive. It seems so easy. And then things start to get harder. Much harder all of a sudden. And then you see the first sign that you are only a 1/4 of the way there. And then you are in the thick of it. There's no turning back and there are signs actually on the mountain that tell you that. Stair after steep stair. 

This can so easy happen when choosing a name for your business. It seems so simple - just pick something. So you do.

And then, it can start to swallow you whole - your audience doesn't instantly connect to "Jim's Gym" when they read it, you aren't attracting the right clients that want to spend money, your brand becomes less clear and doesn't feel aligned and then THE WORST happens....

You decide to REBRAND everything.

$3000 getting the website redone.

$2000 in printing materials all re-printed.

Hopefully you haven't started any signage or telling people.

And what is priceless is your time... the fact that you need to start it all over again when you would just be focused on generating leads...

Okay - It's not dooms day! There is a way around this but you have to GO DEEP before you step one step further. Think about it like this. Before adding weight to any primal movement, you need to NAIL that movement. This is you NAILING that movement before going on.

Determining your Brand Avatar is ONE STEP in this process on naming your business.

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Here is the Brand Avatar Template you can use to determine your brand experience!

There is also a Brand Quiz by Kaye Putnam to get this kick started for you! She has lots of in-depth info about Brand Archetypes.

Thanks so much for watching and reading!

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