Be Your Own Guru



Danielle Laporte was in Victoria recently and kicked off the Victoria Yoga Conference in March 2017. What a privilege to be in her presence and hear her message.

It was a simple but profound message.

There’s a lot of noise out there and it’ss easy to become self-help obsessed.

We are bombarded with things that make us feel inadequate.

We are told we need to do more. Be more.  Have more. Be more productive. Be more career focused. Be more balanced. Be a better parent. Be happier. The list goes on and then on some more.

One can’t help but feel the need to seek out mentors, coaches, and guides to sort out the feelings of inadequacy and try to make peace with ourselves.

Sometimes, and most of the time, when we are silence, the answer is within. You are the guru. You were all along.

All you needed to do was trust, listen and have the courage to lose the acceptance of others.

“It is an initiation to say “no” to your teacher”.

– Danielle Laporte


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