Adventures At Secret Beach: Day 2



Day Two:

Day Two started with coffee. Lots of coffee.


We had heard about a place called Marbucks which very closely resembled Starbucks all the way down to the logo. So we headed there to start the day. To our surprise, we were greeted by a Tiki hut, “best on the island Americanos” and a grumpy Canadian from the “West”. When making conversation with fellow Canadians, it’s always a best practice to share where you are from, and make Canadians feel welcome as that is their natural habitat. Not at Marbucks.


We got some supplies at the local supermarket (I would recommend Super Buy) and the Secret Beachlocal beer depot. The beer depot is much cheaper than any stores and is right around the corner from the only gas station on the island. We filled up the golf cart and headed out to Secret Beach. Secret Beach is about a 45-minute golf cart ride out and down some bumpy roads. It is well worth the trip. There is a restaurant there, “The Not So Secret Pirate Bay” where they have loungers, food, and drinks. There is also a taco stand which is super cheap and delicious.

You can snorkel there – make sure to go under the docks so see all the fish. The water is clear and blue for days. It is well worth the trip and your ass hurting after the bumpy ride.

Tiki MayaWe finished off our day hitting a few restaurants and bars. We went to the place that has the best view on the island. It is called the Tiki Maya Bar which is out overlooking the ocean and has a light breeze that keeps you out the mosquito zone.  This place was the bomb from the cute guard dog puppy to the conch ceviche and the great and friendly service.

We finished the evening off at The Sand Bar and had the Buffalo Chicken Bites which were amazing. A jam-packed day in Ambergris Caye – definitely got our dollar’s worth today.


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