A Behind The Scenes Look at How Colleen Nichols Gained 32k Followers in 6 Months



A Behind The Scenes Look at How Colleen Nichols Gained 32k Followers in 6 Months

Do you want to learn what you need to be doing on a daily basis to grow your social media?

In this episode, I am joined by Colleen Nichols to learn exactly how she gained 32k followers on Instagram in just 6 months! 

Colleen is the creator of the Instagram account @noshamesalesgame and the founder of the Direct Sales Growth Community which is the anti-hey girl community on a mission to change the perception of direct sales from the inside out. Not to mention, she totally rocks her direct sales business!  She's in the top 1% of her company and leads a global team of hundreds of women. She is obsessed with this business model and is passionate about helping women utilize it effectively. 

It is possible to grow your following with no ads, no money spent and no gimmicks, so get ready to hear all about the power of shareable content, the tools Colleen uses and more to really understand the do’s and don'ts of fast growth.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Why you need to know exactly who you’re talking to
  • How many times to post per day for the algorithm
  • What it means to serve with value and integrity 
  • The power of shareable content
  • How to know if your post is a win
  • Tools to use for content creation

I’d love to hear if you have any more tools or strategies for growth. Share them with me on Facebook or Instagram!

Remember, success is yours for the taking!

Resources Mentioned:

Direct Sales Growth Community

Instagram: @colleen__nichols/

Instagram: @directsalesgrowthcommunity

Instagram: @noshamesalesgame

Where We Can Connect:

Website: www.ashleyshaw.ca

Facebook: @theashleyshaw

Instagram: @theashleyshaw

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