The Truth About WHY Lululemon Is Lucrative With Social Media



Social media can be your worst enemy or best friend. Businesses rise and fall on their ability to connect with their customer.

I knew this stuff was extremely important – my engagement, my interactions and how my customers were responding to my posts.

Man – what a powerful hour full of some of my favorite stuff! I loved presenting this material as it was the crucial lessons I learned the hard way.

I had been struggling with my social media for various businesses I was running and nothing was really working. I was posting a lot, not getting much back and feeling a bit icky about social media. I had always heard “CONTENT IS KING”.

The problem is, it ISN’T ANYMORE.

I also wasn’t sure where to pull my value from. What could I offer that no one else could?

Watch this HOUR OF ABSOLUTE POWER to get all of the answers to why you’re lacking engagement, what the 7 steps are that you need to take to fix it and how Lululemon employs all of these principles to be one of the most successful brands in the athletic technical clothing industry.


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