My name is Ashley Shaw and I am a leadershipaholic.

This came out of necessity and it was a game changer in my career. I had taken over a district that was struggling to say the least; the district hadn’t hit their performance targets in over 9 months. Culture and morale were at an all time low and my people had lost their belief. I admit, I had no idea where to start.

Blood, sweat and tears were shed and it was the most challenging year of my personal and professional life…and I can honestly say that that year forced me to dig deep and challenged my character. A very wise mentor once told me that struggles bring you closer together, if they don’t break you. She is a very wise leader and one of the best in the industry.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best mentors I have ever had. Thank you so much for inspiring me, challenging me and believing in me. I am forever grateful. Be obsessed. Stay obsessed.

Ashley Shaw


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