5 Mistakes You’re Making: Why You Aren’t Finding Your People



I know so many entrepreneurs that are consistently making these same 5 mistakes over and over, and wondering why they aren't gaining traction in their business, why they aren't finding their people, and instead experiencing burnout and disappointment. 

If you always feel that you get no's, like you face a lot of objections, that people ghost you all the time - these are key examples of how you're talking to the wrong people.

I am breaking all of this down in this episode so you can move forward with a few more tools in your pocket to help you gain traction instead of exhaustion with no reward.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The importance of finding your ideal customer
  • Don't focus on everyone
  • How to talk to your ideal customer using the right language
  • Learning your customers values
  • How consistency and overthinking are helping or hurting

All of the mistakes that I talk about in this episode are game changers when you learn how to navigate away from them and implement solutions. 

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