5 Life-Lessons I Learnt From Tedx Stanley Park



One of my dreams came true yesterday…


For the first time ever, I got to be part of TED Talks . Although it is still on my bucket list to be a speaker to a TED event, being at the TEDx Stanley Park event was a dream come true. I was invited by my friend, Nicole Rain, as her business coach had sponsored row 10! I wish you could have been there because it was life-changing! There were 16/16 standing ovations which is the first time that has EVER happened in TED history!


Here are 5 life-lessons I pulled from those 15 talks.

Dan Lok


We act consistently with who we think we are. He spoke about a fit friend who was a runner. When asked how this friend keeps in shape, he said, “I am a runner so I run”. This friend hasn’t missed a day in 11 years. We act consistently with who we think we are. Hell on earth is meeting the person that you COULD HAVE become. We become prisoners of our own self-images.

Kieron Sweeney


We need to teach our children to manage their finances. There are 6 of “Life’s Golden Buckets” that your money should go into. 10% of your income, after taxes, should go into investments and this money should be invested and never spent. 10% goes into a spending account. 10% goes into an education account; you should always be educating yourself, no matter what your age. 55% goes into a life necessity account and this would cover your living expenses, food, vehicle, etc. 10% goes into a fun account for vacations or dinner. 10% would go into a charity account or freedom account.

Maureen McGrath


Men cheat to stay in sexless marriages and women cheat to get out of them.

Iman Aghay


There are 3 questions you ask yourself before you die.

1) What would I regret today if I died?

2) What did I make of my life?

3) What would I change?

Most us wouldn’t wish we would have spent more time scrolling the newsfeed on Facebook.

Isabelle Mercier


What you tolerate, you worry about.

I had a great time at TEDx and will absolutely be attending the next event. Thank you to all of the amazing speakers and the great organizers of the event. I look forward to the next event!

There will be video links coming soon and I will post the links to those when they become available!




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