2.5 Years To A 6 Figure Income: Candid Questions With A #SelfLoveActivist & Fitness CEO




Ever Wanted To Earn 6 Figures Working From Home?

Read About How A Fitness Guru Made This Dream Come True.

Working from home and making a living, with the freedom and flexibility to focus on what you love seems to be the ultimate goal for many millennials.

But the big questions of where do you start and how do you make a go at it often are left unanswered?

This stay at home mom did it and is here to talk about her success.

Meet Bria.

Stay At Home Entrepeneur

Stay At Home Entrepreneur

Health Guru.

Fitness CEO.

Self-Love Activist.


I had the pleasure of interviewing this high school hero of mine.

Bria and I have known each other for over 25 years (I went to kindergarten with her brother). Since high school, I have stayed in touch with Bria and been following her career.

She’s an inspiration when it comes to self-love, being bad-ass and raising a family.

Here’s how she answers the tough questions about getting started as a stay at home entrepreneur.

Fitness CEO & Self-love Activist, Fitness coach

How did I get started in the business?

Bria:  About four years ago I was getting into finding myself again through health and fitness, and I went through an online challenge group. I was then introduced to a whole community of people who were helping others find success and that’s how I got started. I was just doing what I was doing, and then I realized there was an opportunity to share what I was doing which meant that I could help other people.

What were the first 2 years like?

Bria: The first two years were fun and hard. I think anyone that is an entrepreneur understands that success is a compound effect. You need to start somewhere and build on it and build on it, knowing that reinvesting into your business and learning is going to happen and is inevitable and part of our journey.

Being successful has nothing to do with not failing, it has to do with failing faster and getting up faster. That was another big thing I learned in my first couple of years, how important one consistency is, always moving towards my goals, always trying new things, and learning to get up fast when I fell down. I was able to look for failure knowing the more I failed, the more I learned.

What was the biggest mistake you made?

Bria: I think one of the biggest mistakes I made was not planning like an entrepreneur and not having set hours. This was especially difficult as an online entrepreneur as it began to take over my life. I was constantly exhausted.

When I created very specific hours of when I worked, almost like power pockets. I was able to accomplish so much more and still had a very free life. That is the beauty of online business that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Those power pockets of time allowed me to have more freedom.

Planning was the second. Planning for the pitfalls and planning for the other aspects of life that you need to consider as an entrepreneur; kids, busier months, summer vacations, etc. I didn’t plan enough in my first two years, and I didn’t accomplish as much as I had wanted to.

What rates are you able to charge?

Bria: My coaching itself is free. How I help people is through online challenge and accountability groups. I help first by finding a workout program that I know is proven and a nutrition guide that fits their needs and their goals. They do need purchase that kind of thing if they decide to continue with it each month or continue with the nutrition. The accountability itself if free as long as they follow a program I know is proven.

What are the start-up costs?

Bria: To be a coach like I am and start running an online business, anyone can sign up for $50. Realistically, your start-up is going to be about $200.

If you are ready to go all in and anticipate around $150 a month after that, you’re going to have those costs covered within the first month, so you’ll be netting money within your first month if you’re focused.

How did you find your first client?

Bria: I used social media to find people. I focused on sharing my journey as a mom to mom, woman to woman, and as a friend to friend. I started sharing what I was doing to my current Facebook network and sharing my journey and by inviting them to join me.

What skills are necessary to succeed in this business?

Bria: I can’t teach my coaches the desire to live a healthy life or consistency. That is something they have to decide to do for them. I can’t teach them a desire to help other people and to be developing themselves. The skills necessary involved learning to share your journey and building your brand for social media, understanding social media marketing, connecting with people in leadership roles. Those are essential skills to be focused on growing as you go forward.

What final advice would you have for anyone wanting to take this career leap?

Bria: Do something because you love it so much that you would do it even if you didn’t make money at it because it is going to take time. If you can get into something you enjoy something so much every day, that it doesn’t always feel like work, and you get something out of it just by helping people, that is the type of thing that will work.  If you put in the time, you will get an amazing return from and you will be there for the long haul.

Thank you so much Bria for your sharing your inspiring journey and I think that gives us all a pep in our step for taking the next step towards our passions!

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