The Top 20 Social Media Posts for Converting Followers into Customers

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The Top 20 Social Media Posts for Converting Followers into Customers

Girl, I see you. I see you staring at your screen thinking about what to post for the day. I see you checking your phone every 10 minutes for likes and comments. I see you working hard to gain more followers. I wish I could sit here and tell you, “Just keep doing what you’re doing! They’ll come to you!” but I’ll be honest, in order to convert your social media followers into paying customers, the “Spray and Pray” method just doesn’t deliver.

If you haven’t heard of the expression, “Spray and Pray” used in marketing, it’s exactly what it sounds like. 😉 Spraying out whatever content you feel like sharing for the day on your social media and praying you get the engagement and interest you’ve been desiring. We’ve all been there, but here at the Fitness Leader Institute, we believe in strategy. Effective social media posts for your business not only help connect you with your ideal customers, but utilize a sales strategy that builds a relationship with your customers and takes them on a journey with you of trust, understanding, and the awareness that they need exactly what you have to offer.

And that’s what I want to share with you right now - 20 social media posting ideas (and a FREE gift for you at the end!) that will start taking your customer on that sales journey with you in the most authentic way.

The Benefits of Using Buckets

Okay, not real buckets. 😉 Buckets of content! And there are 3 main ones that make up the social media sales strategy - Relationship, Resource, and Realization. The benefit of dipping into all 3 of these buckets when you’re creating content is that it gives your followers a “total package” of who you are and what you have to offer in a very genuine way. What makes you relatable to them? What do you have in common? How is what you’re selling applicable to their lives? 

No matter which bucket you’re using when writing content, every post you put out on your social media is going to be a trial and error process. When you apply different themes to your posts that correlate with the 3 buckets, you’re going to find that some themes perform better than others. Which is one of the main benefits of having a posting strategy - Getting to be fully aware of what kind of posts get a lot of engagement, and which ones you may have to tweak a little! Let’s get to dippin’!


There are 12 different themes that fall into the Relationship bucket. This is the biggest bucket because building a relationship with your potential customers is probably the most important factor in the strategy. You’re going to post a Relationship style post 3-4 times per week. Here are some Relationship themes and how you can correlate your content to them:

1. Dog Posts - Doesn’t have to just be a dog. Almost everyone has some kind of pet! Share the story of bringing them into your life or what you love doing with them!

2. Spouse/Partner Posts - Give a shout out to your spouse and what you love about them or something funny they do that your ideal customer would totally get. The “can’t live with them and can’t live without them” kind of content is great! 😉

3. Kid Posts - This is a big one if you’re a mom! What parts of mom life do you love or struggle with? It’s okay to share the good, bad, and ugly. It makes you REAL!

4. Quote Posts - There are millions out there. Go to Pinterest or wherever you typically find quotes that resonate with you and choose one to talk about. Add it in the post and then share a picture of you or your family with it.

5. Letterboard Posts - You don’t have to actually own a letterboard to make this kind of post. Look for free images that use a letterboard. This is similar to the quote post, but keep it short (I prefer something funny for these!). People love stopping their scroll to read something quick and humorous.

6. Audiobook & Podcast Posts - What do you love listening to? Personally, I’m a true crime junkie. What audiobooks or podcasts could you share that correlate with your specific industry, as well? 

7. Throwback Posts - These are good for showing what your values are, how far you’ve come, or what’s most important to you in life. This could be personal or related to your business. Maybe you’ve found confidence you never had before or you’re now obsessed with eating right because it makes you feel your best - could be anything!

8. Introduction Posts - You get new followers frequently and they need to get to know you quickly! Just go about it like you’re talking to a new friend - “Hey, I’m Ashley! Three things I can’t live without are…” and so on. Keep it light, keep it fun, and talk about things you want to connect with your ideal customer on!

9. Traditions Posts - You’ll obviously want to make these seasonal or something that would resonate with your ideal customer. “This is what we do on Easter…” or “Every Saturday morning we have pancakes…” etc.

10. About Me Posts - These aren’t quite as extensive as intro posts. Pick something specific about you and hone in on it. You can talk about why you love doing certain types of workouts or why you decided to drink a gallon of water a day, etc.

11. Thoughts Posts - These can be totally random, or correlate with your business industry! Share a funny thought you had one day, motivation, or something inspiring.

12. Life Posts - Share why you do what you do. Why did you get started? What keeps you going?


Resource is the second bucket that includes 5 different themes. This bucket is important because these posts are how you show glimpses of the products and/or services you offer. You’ll be using Resource themes in your posting content around twice per week! These themes are:

13. Expertise Posts - Show that you’re an expert in your industry! Sharing before and afters is great for this theme. Talk about what you used to be like before using your products/services and now what you’re like after them.

14.Behind the Scenes Posts - What does a typical workday look like for you? Do you send out prizes to your newest customers? Share about that! Do you have to hop on calls with your ring light or record podcasts in your closet? Share that! Help your ideal customers see that they can make what you do work for them.

15. Challenge Posts - Address the common objections you get from your clientele and how you can help them overcome those challenges. Typical objections might be lack of time or money. How did you overcome those challenges?

16. Recipe Posts - People love learning practical tips and tricks they can apply to their daily lives. If you’re in the fitness industry, go with the recipe. If you’re in the beauty industry, share your favorite makeup or hair product.

17. Nutrition Posts - Teach your followers how you have learned to have a healthy relationship with food and live life with a balanced diet. If you’re not in the health and fitness industry, teach your ideal customer something they don’t know about your product or service. It could be what to look for in skincare products, how to dry your hair, or how to apply certain makeup.


Our final bucket! Realization themes promote your actual business and make your ideal customers realize why they need what you have to offer. You typically only want to post these types of themes once per week, or every 7-9 posts. This is because not every follower that comes across your posts are going to be ready for the realization stage. They may not have a relationship built with you yet, and if they’re constantly seeing all business, business, business, it can be a major turnoff. Here are the final themes:

18. Before & After Posts - Transformations of your own are the best for these posts. If you don’t have your own transformation yet, use a client’s or search for success stories that focus on your products and services!

19. Results Posts - These are similar to before and after. What kind of results can your customers expect to get from you and/or your products? This could be physical, mental, spiritual, or even financial results!

20. Call to Action Posts - This is calling your ideal customers to take action and opt in to something you’re offering. Your offer could be a free Facebook group you’re running, or a freebie you’ve put together of recipes and tips. 

*Bonus* - Because who doesn’t love bonuses? 

21. Testimonial Posts - Testimonials are living and breathing proof that what you have to offer is gold! You’re going to want to add in a call to action at the end of these posts so your followers have the opportunity to join you or buy from you.

There you have it! 21 social media posts to get you utilizing your buckets of content and converting your followers to customers. And don’t worry - I didn’t forget...

Your FREE gift! 🙂

 I want to give you 5 free social media posts that are already done for you! These posts correlate with the 3 buckets of content and themes that we just discussed! All you have to do is head to and download your 5 free posts. You can start using them immediately and get your posting strategy rolling.

You deserve to feel authentic and confident when you post. You deserve to get the engagement you’ve been searching for. And you deserve to take your business to the next level. Get that strategy goin’, girl! And start dippin’ into those buckets!

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