I’m so excited you’re here and ready to grow your health, wellness or beauty business dream into a real big reality!

Since you’re new to AshleyShaw.ca, let me tell you a little bit about what we do here..

First of all, hi, I’m Ashley Shaw, and I’m the founder and CEO and the creator of

the done-for-you Authentic Marketing Membership

and a high-performing marketing and sales strategist to health + wellness + beauty coaches & reps.

If you’re here to grow your business to the next level

using proven marketing strategies that are simple to implement,

you’re in the right place.

Now, let’s make sure we get you kicked off on the right foot.

#1 step

If you haven’t yet joined our Business Bootcamp (For People That Hate Selling Sh*t), this is your best first step!

It’s a FREE online community, full of...

  • Like-minded coaches, reps, distributors, influencers, and associates (yay, friends who “get it!”)
  • Hours of free marketing strategy training videos (to get you set up SMART)
  • Done-For-You posting templates for your social media (for easy social selling ASAP)
  • Plus More!

Want in?

#2 step

Once you’re in there, I highly recommend browsing our collection of Done-For-You Posting Templates.

Here we believe that your most effective business growth strategy is a lot like your favorite smoothie recipe.

You use a consistent baseline (protein, vitamins, and nutrients) and add your own special twist.

(Mine is peanut butter btw, what’s yours?)

  • A little Done-For-You Content to make the consistency easy... 

blended with...

  • A lot of YOU -- authentic, imperfect, quirky YOU.
  • To create success like you’ve never seen before.

It works and it all starts with our Done-For-You posting templates. 

Ready to check out the free and affordable options?

#3 step

If you’re NOT on the waitlist for our THE DONE-FOR-YOU AUTHENTIC MARKETING MEMBERSHIP, what are you waiting for?

Doors only open a couple of times per year, so you don’t want to miss out...

We give away tons of cool bonuses, prizes, and host incredible additional trainings and events for waitlist members ONLY.

So I’d recommend joining now so you don’t get a bad case of FOMO later...

social selling simplified


Here’s some of our most popular podcast episodes (in case you need some solid motivation in your ears this week):

Done-For-You + a dash of YOU = our business success recipe.!