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Are You Struggling To Get Results With Social Media?

Everyone tells you how great social media is to grow your business…

Yet when you post you hear crickets…

Or you might get a few likes but it never turns into sales.

So you end up wasting your time and not making any progress.

So How Do Others Become Successful?

The truth is, anyone can open a social media account and start posting.

That’s why you’ve been told to “share your story”, but you’re still not making sales.

You can probably see that others are successful with social media…

So the problem is obviously WHAT you’re posting.

But It’s Not Your Fault You’re Struggling

There is definitely no “social media influencer” course in high school (at least not when I went)…

So you’re basically flying blind when it comes to deciding what to post.

The fact is, no one has ever taught you how to grow your social media engagement in a way that turns into sales.

You don’t know what posts will actually get people reaching out to you and wanting to work with you

You Need A Proven Formula For Success

Over the past 5 years, I’ve developed 17 very specific social media post formulas that work time and time again.

I’ve given them to over 8,500 clients who have turned their businesses around.

Proving that these formulas don’t just work for me…

They’ll work for your business no matter what you’re selling.

30 Days Is All It Take

Imagine what it’ll feel like to have more engagement on your social posts…

And that engagement is from people who actually want to work with you.

It’s the first step on your journey to creating a better income from your business so you can work from home, pay off debt, or take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Plus you’ll be able to help more people and start building a community that really values and respects you.

So Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Ashley Shaw and I’m the host of the Social Selling Simplified podcast.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 8,500 people just like you to use social media to effectively grow their business.

With over 18 years of experience, I know exactly what to say and do on social media to get more customers.

And I’ve proven it by growing my own business to over 7 figures using social media (most “influencers” can’t do that with 100,000 followers… and I only had 7,012 when I achieved it!).

Ready To Finally Make Social Media Effective For YOUR Business?

These 17 proven social media post formulas will allow you to…

  1. Always create the perfect post for your goal as each one is specifically designed to increase engagement, get leads, build your followers or create sales etc
  2. Follow a simple formula so you’ll never find yourself wasting time scrolling through your phone and wondering what to post (saving your time and sanity)
  3. Finally get consistent on social media because there’s no more guesswork (and consistency is the key to making sales and growing your business)

Here’s What Some Our Customers Have To Say

Krista Knox

“Ashley gave me the tools I needed to see that my story matters and taught me how to use my voice in a way that will allow my business to grow in an authentic way.

Ashley, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me how to turn my struggles into a new beautiful reality. You showed me that I am exactly where I need to be to become the woman I know I was meant to be.”

Bria Evenson

“Each activity and opportunity to work together has clarified and strengthened my understanding of my own mission, skills and opportunities. Often I find that courses provide inspiration but not enough direction…and Ashley has helped me find inspiration THROUGH the direction and clarity that her courses and work has provided.

I have seen a significant increase in social engagement, direct messages from my IDEAL customers and a deeper connection with the customers I already had. I would absolutely recommend any chance to work with Ashley.”

Melanie Hagn

“Hey, I am entering my 3rd year of coaching and am reevaluating how I run my business.

For me your templates have been a game changer as it helps me to post regularly.” (note I’ve removed the last sen

Here’s What You Get

My Social Posting Strategy training includes…

  • The 3 Keys To Social Media Success that you must understand before you post another word (without these you’re wasting all your time and effort)
  • A Monthly Posting Calendar that allows you to plan out your content with no more guesswork (it’s as easy as putting post formulas in boxes)
  • -The Proven Structure to every social media post that has been secretly used by professional copywriters for over 120 years (yet even some of the most famous influencers are missing out on tons of sales because they don’t know it)
  • 17 Social Media Posting Formulas that allow you to create posts in minutes (not hours) by simply following the step-by-step instructions

All this is provided with video training and a written guide so you can quickly and easily reference the post you want to create.

This isn’t a training where you watch it once and quickly forget about it, this is a marketing asset that you will use every single time you post on social media (just like we do).

Most importantly, my Social Posting Strategy training will finally get you posting and earning a consistent income in the least amount of time.

Why These Formulas Are Unique

Since I started sharing my social posting strategies over 5 years ago, quite a few people have also started offering social posts as a way to make a quick buck.

Unfortunately, 99.99% of social media posts don’t make money, and so there’s a big difference between writing a post… and writing an EFFECTIVE post.

I created my formulas using 18 years of sales experience and over the last 5 years, these formulas have been used over 2,000 times with more than 8,500 clients.

That means I’ve received a lot of feedback to refine the formulas…

And had so many success stories that I know exactly what works every single time.

So How Much Do I Invest?

Over the last few years, I’ve invested well over $120,000 writing and testing social media posts.

Yet you can get all my very best formulas for just $197…

And these formulas don’t go out of style or stop working because of some algorithm change, they’ll serve you well as you continue to grow your business.

So if you have thousands of dollars (and hours) to waste, then you could try figuring out your own formulas, but I think this is a pretty sweet deal! 🙂

Only $47 until midnight of April 21.

Plus it’s backed by my…

“Make Money Or Pay Nothing” Guarantee

If you can’t make more money using these formulas in the next 30 days…

Or even if you think they happen to fall into the “too hard basket”…

Then I’ll give you a complete, 100% refund just for giving it a go.

It’s just a little team rule we live by called “if you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!”

Remember, Every Social Media Post Is Losing You Money!

By using these proven formulas, I guarantee you’re going to get more leads, followers and sales…

And if you’re not using them, well you’re missing out on income that could be going straight into your pocket.

If I could, I’d ban you from posting on social media until you’ve learned at least one of these formulas, because what you’re doing now is actually hurting your business.

After all, if you’re going to take the time to post, you really want to make sure it’s the most effective post you can make.

It’s Time To Achieve Your Goals

If making sales on social media was easy, then billions of monthly active users would all be making money.

So if you want to generate a side (or serious) income from your business then you need to follow a proven formula.

Well I have 17 of those proven formulas that are guaranteed to make you money.

Just click the button below, enter your details, and finally start to profit from social media…

I Want These 17 Formulas

I look forward to hearing your success story,

P.S. By using my Social Posting Strategy and 17 proven posting formulas, you’re finally going to be able to make money from all the time you spend on social media.

So whether you’re looking to earn a side income, quit your job and work from home, pay off your debt, or take your family on a well deserved vacation…

This is what you’ve been looking for.

And if you can’t use it to make more sales in the next 30 days, I’ll refund everything you’ve paid.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so give it a try right now…

I Want These 17 Formulas

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I Want These 17 Formulas

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