Beachbody Coaches:

New Report Reveals The Live Online Fitness Market Is Set To Grow From $2.5 To $25.7 Billion By 2027… That’s A 942% Increase!

Discover How You Can Take Advantage Of This Massive Opportunity With The Launch Of BODi Live Fitness Classes & MYX Bike (Don’t Miss Out!)

We're Living In A Time Of Unprecedented Change & That's Always When The Most Wealth Is Made...

Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller made their fortunes in the industrial revolutions (steel and oil).

Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world through selling products online with Amazon (and now we’re seeing the opportunity for selling online services unfold).

In fact, the worldwide physical health club market is worth $96.7 billion but 9 out of 10 Americans are continuing to workout at home despite gyms opening back up after COVID…

Which puts you in the perfect position to take advantage of the expected growth of the online fitness market from $6.04 to $59.23 billion (881%)...

Including the live segment growing from $2.47 to $25.73 billion (942%) by 2027.

And The MYX Bike Is A Massive Opportunity As Well

Peloton offers an exercise bike with live streaming and on-demand classes like Beachbody is rolling out. 

It’s currently making revenue of $4 billion and has grown from 511,000 fitness subscribers to 2.33 million in the last 2 years (who each pay $39 per month).

Considering the MYX bike is cheaper and Beachbody On Demand already has more classes available for a lower price… 

This is another massive opportunity to grow your business as well!

But The Early Bird Gets The Worm

BODi will launch on Tuesday, September 21...  

And those coaches who are READY to profit from it will be ahead of the game. 

Because with the right strategy, you only need a very small piece of this new market to secure your income for years to come.

So you’re probably feeling super excited about this launch, but also super nervous about promoting it without being salesy (and just messing it up completely).

How To Stay Lost, Confused & Let This Launch Slip Away

When you don’t have a plan for launching something as massive as BODi, you tend to do the most natural thing… nothing.

You spend your precious time scrolling on social media, looking for inspiration, comparing yourself to other coaches, doubting yourself, and falling victim to inaction.

And if you continue to repeat this cycle everyday, this BODi launch is going to get away from you before you can leverage the momentum around this huge opportunity.

So before it’s too late, you need to implement a social media plan for launching BODi so it brings new customers and coaches into your business.

And It’s Not Your Fault That You Feel This Way 

Network marketing businesses like Beachbody train their coaches to make it sound easy to find success in the business.

Saying things like “You don’t need a social media background to be successful.”

But if you’ve been around longer than 5 seconds, then you understand that while this may be true, it’s not as easy as they make it sound.

It might not take a marketing degree, but it does take social media strategy and effort.

Just like when you launch your health journey, you have to show up and do the work to get results.

Would You Like The Exact Plan On How To Rock Your BODi Launch?

So just like Beachbody gives you the workout and nutrition plans to get fit and feel confident...

You need a clear social media plan for launching BODi that gives you the right things to post daily so you actually see results and get more customers.

But instead of just giving you a recipe and hoping you’ll make it…

I’m actually going to do the grocery shopping and make the recipe for you…

So all you have to do is take the social media posts that I give you and post them on your feed.

You Could Rock Your BODi Launch Starting Tomorrow

Imagine what it will feel like to have all of your social media posts created for the entire month…

And what it’ll feel like when you bring home your biggest paycheck ever because so many people are joining you with BODi and the total solution you provide.

You’ll finally have a proven system for launching BODi and sharing this new platform authentically…

So you can simply have fun crushing your workouts and nutrition goals alongside all of your new customers who are just as pumped about BODi as you.