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  • Hey! My name is ________ _________ and I've been in social selling for ____ years. I'm also a __________ (**mom of 2 or something that differentiates you) and my sweet spot is ______________(**finding my people). I'm going to ask the question __________ (Insert The Question)?

Here’s what people are saying about Ashley Shaw...

Bria Evenson

Bria Evenson Fitness

I am beyond grateful for the work that Ashley has helped me do.

Each activity and opportunity to work together has clarified and strengthened my understanding of own mission, skills and opportunities. Often I find that courses provide inspiration but not enough direction…and Ashley has helped me find inspiration THROUGH the direction and clarity that her courses and work has provided. I have seen a significant increase in social engagement, direct messages from my IDEAL customers and a deeper connection with the customers I already had. I would absolutely recommend any chance to work with Ashley.

Madison Carly

Madison Karly Fitness


Got a message yesterday asking about what I do and how the person can get involved and just signed someone up with a challenge pack to get to SC6 for the month!!

Krista Knox

Inner Strength

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

Ashley gave me the tools I needed to see that my story matters and taught me how to use my voice in a way that will allow my business to grow in an authentic way. Ashley, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me how to turn my struggles into a new beautiful reality. You showed me that I am exactly where I need to be to become the woman I know I was meant to be.

Nicole Sherick

BB Coach

Immediate responses are the NORM!

WOAH! I had 4 immediate responses after posting! That never happens!

Christine Karr

Christine Karr Fitness

My IG Has Blown Up!!

I just have to say....I posted this on my fb and my IG....and my IG has blown up!! SOOOO many new followers and comments!

Vicki Prior

Plus Sized Motivation

You Have No Idea...

Thank you for always being a wealth of information! You have no idea how much you have changed the way I look at my business

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