The 30-DAY

September Marketing Strategy


  • 30 Done For You Posts professionally written posting templates you can use to get your creative juices flowing OR templates that will be a life-saver if you need the whole post!! (**No 2 posts end up being the same with everyone posting different photos & making post tweaks to their ideal audience!!)

  • Covers 30 Challenge Group Posts with different themes for each day of the week which is a huge relief when you have multiple things on the go! These are SO EXTRA (**and much different than what Beachbody provides) & we'll be using the 6 source of influence to create lasting change for your challengers!

  • A Done For You Freebie called "10 Snacks That Don't Suck (**Back To School Healthy Snacks)" which will help you call out your ideal customers & it'll help you start collecting emails so you can get into an intimate space (with way less noise) without needing to try to outsmart the algorithm!

  • A 3 Part September Email Series that'll take your ideal customers and make them raving die-hards for you & your brand. They'll start to see you an an authority on fitness & health & be primed and ready to buy whatever you put in front of them because you've established trust, credibility & rapport. Tweak these emails as much or as little as you want!

  • 10 Fitness Coach Images created by a graphic designer for you to use on any of your social media platforms. These images are perfect for any days you don't have time to make a graphic, want a professional designers touch or you want some bad-ass graphics for your Insta stories!

Let's Be Real...

Most Beachbody coaches start each month with great intentions that ​they can handle all of their marketing for the month; that they will post on social daily, they'll keep their challenge group engaged, they'll send weekly emails and invite every day. ​

But that, my friends, is more the exception than the rule.

But I get it.

Kids, kids' after-school & weekend activities, vacations, workouts, meal-prep, partners, pets, house-work, etc are VERY REAL priorities and it's understandable how coaches' consistency can go from HAWWWWT to cold.

But good intentions don't build a business that can retire your partner, or get you on that dream Disney vacation or put do that new kitchen renovation because if that were true everyone with million-dollar intentions WOULD be getting million-dollar results.

And we both know that's not the case.

And that's why I created this monthly marketing super-charged strategy. It'll take any lack of consistency off the table.

This strategy was BUILT FOR THOSE that ACTUALLY WANT TO BUILD THE BUSINESS they really thought they could when they FIRST STARTED with Beachbody  (**without their OWN consistency getting in the way).

If that sounds like EXACTLY what's been holding you back, this strategy was MADE FOR YOU.