Done For You MM100 Marketing Strategy


  • Includes 30 BRAND NEW Done For You MM100 Posts professionally written to ACTUALLY uncover limiting beliefs & move potential customers to action
  • Covers 21 Challenge Group Posts that educate & engage your current customers about MM100 in a non-salesy way while providing value in your challenge group & piquing their interest in MM100
  • A Done For You Priming Freebie called "Exercises That Burn The Most Calories" which will build rapport & gather a customer's most valuable resource: their EMAIL
  • 3 Part MM100 Email Series moves customers through the stages of change: from contemplation to action. You'll get an email to introduce your freebie, and 2 additional emails that that focus on MM100, your online fitness community, & building rapport and trust.
  • 10 Fitness Coach inspired images created by a graphic designer for you to use on any of your social media platforms.

Let's Be Real...

Online sales strategy sometimes feels like it you a marketing degree. BUT if you aren't using any sales strategy, you'll be on the struggle bus trying to build your coaching business without consistent growth.  

And if you're trying to move your ideal customers to action, this is an essential part of building a business but can be enough to overwhelm even the most saaaaaavy fitness coach.

This MM100 marketing strategy will frame every message to your customers, so you can keep them the exact same or put your own spin on them.

Consider me the Done For You Queen (that's what DFY stands for!) and watch your life get a heck of a lot easier when your marketing strategy is handled by a pro!