"Working your business is still #1 but 2020 is all about taking the next steps to grow your OWN brand".



The Manifestation Mastermind Is The Next Level For Social Sellers

Ready To Build Their Own Brand And Beyond.

This 6-month Mastermind is for you if you're a Social Seller, Coach, or Network Marketer who wants to grow your influence by building your own brand while creating a purposeful 6-figure+ or 7-figure business. 

HECK YEAH!  This is exactly what I've been looking for, I want to apply!

Take the confusion out of how to scale so you can triple your income.

I'm gonna cut to the chase.


You started out in network marketing to help others. (**The most successful network marketers are those that deeply care about making an impact and wanting to change the lives of others.)

But you've reached a point where you want more.

Your business is still #1 but you can't help but see an opportunity to do more with what you've been learning about your ideal customers. 

They want more of you and you'd love to give it to them with the bonus of making some additional income.

But where do you start?

In the past, you were given a framework for your business.

But this would be totally different.

You'd be going at this alone and you're smart enough to know that every roadmap to success leaves clues.

You've always learned from the top producers in your industry so why would this business building adventure be any different?

You'd love to learn from someone who's done it before to save you the time and hassle so your energy is going into the most revenue generating activities & the things you love to do.

You know, the painstaking business building reality where…

-Your days are getting eaten up with busy work and you're handling tasks a VA could do but you have no idea where to start with that

-Your starting from point A. Although you've build a successful business, you're building this one from the ground up.

-You dream of having a team that’s got your back, excels in the areas you don’t, and is as committed to growing your business as you are.

-You’re looking for answers that Google doesn’t have — What’s the best launch strategy for this new program? How can I get my Facebook and Instagram ad costs down and my ROI up? Who should I hire to help build my empire?

-You subconsciously sabotage your own success because your mindset hasn’t caught up to your reality.

THE GOOD NEWS: Struggling with any of the above is a sign that you’re ready to level-up & take steps with your own brand.

THE-EVEN-BETTER-NEWS: You’re ability to make a bigger impact directly correlates with your ability to take strategic action...which is why you are here

Who this IS for...

✔     You are generating at least $2k - $4k a month on average, but lack the consistency, systems, and structure you need to grow your business without having to work harder or risk burnout.

✔ You want to take your business to the next level whether that's 6-figures, multiple 6-figures or 7-figures.

✔     You know that you need to get more strategic with how you grow your business if you want it to last, but you’re not totally sure how.

✔     You take responsibility for your own success and you’re not afraid to take action and do what it takes when you’ve got a game plan and accountability.

✔     You don’t yet have a proven, repeatable, scalable process in place to attract new clients and customers every single month — you’re leaving it to fate, and it’s causing you frustration.

✔     You KNOW that you’re capable of more. More money, more impact, more time to enjoy the freedom lifestyle you set your sights on when you first got started… you’re just not sure how to do it without hustling harder

Who this is NOT for...

  • You just want to coast, work as little as possible and aren’t passionate about building your business.

  • You’re not willing to do the work that makes accelerated growth possible. Psst...If you’ve read this far, you likely don’t have this problem.

  • You’re not coachable, open to taking suggestions, or an action-taker

  • You’re not willing to contribute to the success of the group

Just a heads up....

There's a pretty SMALL list of people that get into the Manifestation Mastermind.

We're extremely picky with our application.

This isn't because we don't want to help you grow your business. 

It's because we are extremely protective of our other Manifestation Mastermind members and their experience inside the mastermind.

Our members have not only made a significant financial investment with us but also an investment of their time which we don't take lightly. 

This is the reason we don't have time for those that aren't 100% committed to taking action and getting results.

Ready to take massive action and grow your business?