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Stop Slapping Shit Together On Social Media 

Get The 3-Part Strategy For Launching The Gut Health Program & Attracting The RIGHT People Without Wasting Time Searching Millions Of Hashtags - Guaranteed.


You missed out!

You Don’t Have To Be A Gut Health Expert To Have A Crazy Successful Gut Health Launch.

So many coaches freak the f*ck out when a new program launches that’s outside of their comfort zone. They think to themselves, “I’m not good enough at this or know enough about it, so I’m just gonna skip this launch.”

Then they miss out on a huge opportunity, because, (newsflash!), people ARE looking for this solution.

Then all of the customers they COULD have gotten with this new program go off and join another coach who IS committed to launching this program.

And the ones that were too scared to promote something “different” like this gut health program are left in the dust with nothing to show for it but a group full of crickets and severe FOMO.

The #1 Reason Why Coaches Suck At Launching New Programs Is Because They Don’t Know How To Find Customers

So often, coaches don’t know how to find their ideal customers or call them out of the social media woods for new programs like this gut health program, so they simply… don’t.

It’s like being a teenager at prom, wanting so badly to ask that hottie in the corner to dance, but you’re just too damn scared to walk over there and ask for what you want.

“What if they say no?” “What if other people see and laugh at me?” “What if I’m so nervous I trip over my words?”

Who cares?

The scarier thought is, “what if they’re standing in the corner wanting the SAME THING?” “What if it went so freaking right that it changed my life… and theirs?”

Attracting Your Ideal Customers Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Basic Human Connection.

Your upline tells you to just search hashtags to find people who are into gut health. Then they’ll jump all over the salesy stock photos and FAQs they told you to post about this gut health program.

But it’s not that easy, because you and I both know there are millions upon billions of hashtags out there.

And nobody with a life has time to search through them to (hopefully) find people to join you in this gut health program.

While this may have worked for your upline when they first started, it doesn’t work now. Times have changed, my friend.

And what you REALLY need is a simple strategy for launching your new gut health program in the next 4 weeks that attracts the RIGHT people to you, without having to search millions of hashtags and waste all your time and brain power.

It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Slapping Shit Together On Social Media And Wasting Time Searching Hashtags

That’s what you’ve been taught by your upline. That’s what you’ve heard in all the trainings. That’s what the top coaches share on weekly company calls.

But do you REALLY think that’s how successful coaches have built their businesses?

Hell no! They are more strategic than that (even if they don’t tell you that!)

They have assistants or teams to help take things off their plate so they can focus on nailing their social media posts, being present on stories, and spending time creating bomb-ass Reels and freebies.

And those posts, stories, Reels, and freebies are what attract their ideal gut health customers… NOT hashtag research and salesy promo posts.

This Is Why You Need A Simple 3-Step Strategy For Launching This Gut Health Program

Think about it… social media can’t be THAT hard. There are so many coaches and influencers out there who are totally nailing it.

So why not you?! It all starts with believing that you can and committing to a social posting strategy that is proven to work.

Which is exactly what I’m going to give you with the 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy. Think of me and my team as your new social media squad!

Not only am I going to teach you this stupid-simple 3-step strategy and keep up on all the changing trends FOR YOU, but I’m going to give you every post, template, Insta Story idea, Reel, and freebie you need to launch this gut health program with ease and confidence.


All you have to do is commit to showing up every day, posting the content, and engaging in the comments and DMs.

No hashtag research required.

How To Find The RIGHT People For Your Gut Health Launch Starting Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, you can stop:

  • Slapping shit on social media and hoping it sticks.
  • Obsessing over the number of followers you have (because trust me, that does NOT equal success).
  • Spending hours attempting to do hashtag research.
  • Spending hours attempting to do hashtag research.

Because starting tomorrow, you’re going to have a 3-step strategy including social media posts, weekly Reels, daily Insta Story ideas, and a value-packed gut health freebie completely DONE-FOR-YOU.

So you can focus on having real conversations with your ideal gut health customers about all the shit they need YOUR help with… pun intended.

But in all seriousness, think about all the time you’ll have BACK to devote to really diving into this gut health program with your peeps!

So Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Ashley Shaw and I’m the founder of the Fitness Leader Institute.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 8,500 coaches just like you to finally get their marketing under control so they can grow their coaching business.

With over 18 years in the health and fitness industry, I know exactly what to say and do on social media to get more customers and coaches for your business.

And I’ve proven it by growing my own business to over 7 figures using social media (and I only had 7,012 followers when I achieved it).


My “4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy”
Made For Fitness + Nutrition Coaches

With this 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy, you’ll get these great benefits...

  • An authentic relationship building social strategy that has been proven to help fitness & nutrition coaches attract and sign up ideal customers with the launch of new programs like the gut health program.
  • Daily Insta story ideas to help you build likability, trust, and rapport with your ideal customers and coaches.
  • The exact gut health content to post (or tweak if you feel like it) that will get people excited and eager to do the new gut health program with you, all with less work from you.
  • The ability to be consistent with your social media because I’ve taken all the guesswork out for you (if you can copy and paste, you can succeed).
  • And last but not least, true duplication because you can send all the coaches on our team to grab this 30 Day Done-For-You 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy as well, so you’re all following the same proven launch plan and succeeding together.

And these 5 things combine to create exponential results for your gut health program launch far beyond what you ever thought was possible.

How Emily Posts in 60 Seconds/Day With The
“4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy”…

But Don’t Just Take It From Me, Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Have to Say...

Get Your Sh*t Together And Get This Strategy Now
(Pun Intended)

How’s that for a gut health pun?! In all seriousness though, I usually offer our 30 Day DFY Social Posting Strategy Plans for $97 each, but since I’m so committed to helping you save time and stress and launch this gut health program with ease, I have something even better for you.

Right now, you can get the 30 Day Done-For-You 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy as part of our best-selling Social Posting Strategy Membership for just $67 per month!

Plus, you can cancel your membership anytime with no questions asked.

Here’s What You Get With The

4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy

30 Strategic Daily Gut Health Posts

Normal Creation Time: 20 Hours
Creation Cost: $2,000

You’ll receive 30 posts for your public social media pages that can be left as they are (or you can put your own spin on them).

This gives you strategic, consistent content that encourages your audience to raise their hand to become a customer.

Weekly Reels + 5 Daily Insta Story Ideas

Normal Creation Time: 10 Hours
Creation Cost: $300

You’ll receive weekly Reels with the captions done for you + 5 daily Insta Story ideas, so you never have to waste time scrolling socials looking for audio, or ideas ever again.

With these Insta Story ideas, you can easily share your thoughts, engage, share your expertise, poll your audience, and call them to action to DM you, without wasting your time thinking of story ideas.

Each Reel is up to date with current trends, is engaging and relevant to your audience, and designed to expand your reach and attract your ideal gut health customers.

High Quality Freebie

Normal Creation Time: 5 Hours
Creation Cost: $500

This is a professionally designed freebie that you can promote using all kinds of methods that we’ll teach you inside the Social Posting Strategy Membership.

This freebie will attract your ideal customers (people interested in the new gut health program) like a magnet so you’ll be building your email list in no time while adding massive value so your followers WANT MORE from you.

You can easily tweak the freebie in Canva if desired.

But Wait, There’s More!

On top of this 3-part strategy above, you also get access to:

  • A Monthly Strategic Photo and Graphic Plan including done-for-you carousels, graphics, and photo ideas.
  • 30 DIY Prompts so you can take our social posting formula to write your own captions if you'd like.
  • Access to our Facebook Support Group: Authentic AF with Ashley Shaw where all of your questions will get answered by a community of coaches driving toward the same goals as well as the accountability you've been searching for!
  • Monthly Social Selling Secrets Training to help you build a solid BRAND that inspires trust, love, and die-hard loyalty from your followers and fans!

And Please Remember...

These posts are professionally written by a copywriter to peak curiosity, attract your ideal gut health customers, and get them ready to join you before you even talk to them.

All of the content (posts, Reels, Insta Story ideas, and freebie) cost me $2,800 and take 35 hours to produce (so you save a ton of time and money).

Plus you can stop wasting time trying to come up with what to post or mindlessly scrolling social for ideas.

The 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy is the PERFECT SOLUTION for those that want to authentically attract their ideal gut health customers and nail their launch in the next 4 weeks.

Here’s How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. 1
    Log in to your exclusive customer portal to access the 30 new 4 Week Gut Health social media posts, photo and graphic plan, weekly Reels ideas, daily Insta Story ideas, your Done-For-You Freebie, your Social Selling Secrets Training, and exclusive Social Insider Trainings.
  2. 2
    Copy + paste the content, tweak as desired and post (or set it to schedule if desired).
  3. 3
    Have real, natural conversations with people already interested in gut health (or that know they need to be) and watch as your business gains momentum as you sign up customers with the new gut health program consistently over the next 4 weeks. 

Here’s Why The 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy Is Unique

Every post, Reel, and Insta Story is designed to attract the attention and engagement of people who are looking to improve their gut health and finally feel better once and for all.

Plus we’ve written everything with the specific goal of launching a new gut health program.

As our customers will attest, there is nothing else like it on the planet and it’s guaranteed to get you results.

How Much Do I Invest?

As you can clearly see above, to get all of this content created each month, we invest:


Strategic Daily Gut Health Posts

(20 Hours & $2,000)


Weekly Reels & Daily Insta Story Ideas

(10 Hours & $300)


High Quality Freebie

(5 Hours & $500)

Now if you hired a professional copywriter who was an expert in social media, launching, and creating amazing content... you’d pay at least $2,800 for the package.

But you can get access for just $67/month if you join the Social Posting Strategy Membership. That’s a 70% savings!

But you must act by Wednesday, February 23rd before this offer disappears for good!

But Won’t Everyone’s Content Look The Same?

The social media posts, templates, and freebie are all completely (and easily) customizable so you can add your own authentic voice to your marketing.

Plus you’ll be creating your own unique images, Insta Stories, and Reels that identify your unique brand (it’s amazing how simple this really is).

And we even give you a strategic photo and graphic plan, including carousel templates, graphics, photo ideas, and Reel ideas for every single post, so you aren’t staring at your camera taking loads of pointless selfies or pointing and dancing awkwardly at the camera and wasting time.

But even if you use our content word for word and just add your own image, the chances of multiple people seeing your content (and recognizing it’s the same) are slim to none.

Plus I'm giving you our famous...

“Love It Or Leave It”

100% Money Back Guarantee

That means you get a full 30 days to go through all of the content and if you find…

Our content isn’t amazing, or…

You didn’t sign up at least one new coach on your team, or… 

Any other reason under the sun...

Then we’ll give you a complete, 100% refund just for giving it a go.

It’s just a little team rule we live by called “if you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!”

And Right Now You Get These 2 Powerful Bonuses

#1 Social Selling Secrets

Value: $1,200

I don’t want to just give you fish, I want to teach you how to fish so you’ll always have the confidence and expertise to grow your audience.

That’s why I’m also giving you my Social Selling Secrets monthly curriculum so you can build a solid BRAND that inspires trust, love, and die-hard loyalty from your followers and fans!

I worked with a personal branding coach that cost me $150 per hour and combined it with all my sales experience to create the perfect course for branding yourself online.

The Social Selling Secrets course sells on our website for $1,200 right now… but you get it completely free when you join the Social Posting Strategy membership today.

You’re going to learn…
How to share your authentic story and background so it attracts new followers and lets them know, like, and trust you.

How to find Your Sweet Spot where your passions and your community’s needs overlap so you can be of maximum service… and get maximum sales by helping your followers solve their biggest problems.
How to communicate your values so you can stand out to attract truly like-minded followers and fans without seeming obnoxious or weird.
How to establish your brand so you can create visually consistent content that establishes a vibe your audience will fall in love with!
How to identify and attract your ideal customer so you’re only talking to serious people who desperately want what you have to offer.

How to find and analyze the metrics that matter so you can focus on the 20% of activities that create 80% of your results and accelerate your growth.

The Killer Content Generator we use to create all our posts, which contains the secret sauce that allows you to build familiarity and trust faster than ever before.
How to get full control of your business by building your email list to increase engagement and reach, without all the tech headaches people normally face (we make it super easy for you!).
How to build your Facebook Group so you get amazing interactions (and customer insights) all while deepening the bond with your followers.
How to get confident on camera so you can do videos and Facebook Live even if it seems super scary to you right now. This is a simple way to supercharge your relationship with you fans without having to be a perfectionist to achieve massive results.
How to slow the scroll and use Instagram Stories to bring more growth, engagement and customers your way (plus what NOT to do that can completely ruin your reputation as an influencer).
How to pre-schedule all of your Done-For-You content so everything goes out at exactly the right time and there’s no more panicking at 11pm on a Friday night because you haven’t posted today!
The Social Selling Secrets course will make you a branding expert and put you head and shoulders above 99% of coaches out there right now.

#2 Social Insider

Value: $47 to $197 per month

AND I’m releasing Social Insider-exclusive, members only content every month as well!

It includes Members Only training courses, like…

  • The 4-Step Inviting Formula That Won’t Make You Feel Sleazy Or Salesy
  • How To Slow The Scroll with Trish Taylor
  • The Ideal Customer Workshop
  • And so much more...

If we make them available, these trainings can sell on my website for $47 to $197 each…

But you get them all completely free, because I want to look after my members who are committed to success.

But You Must Act Now

To start taking advantage of this 4 Week Gut Health Posting Strategy and start attracting your ideal customers during the launch, you’ve gotta get in while it’s hot.

That means you need to decide right now, are you in? Or are you out?

And the truth is, I can only help those people who are willing to take this content and actually post it... because I can’t make it any easier than this.

So I’m only looking for fitness & nutrition coaches who are actually committed to going all in on the new gut health program launch in the next 4 weeks.

So Grab it Today If You’re Ready To Launch Your Gut Health Program
With Ease In The Next 4 Weeks

Every successful fitness & nutrition coach took consistent action to get where they are today.

They’ve grown with the times and found new ways to serve and add value. They’ve found new ways to talk to people about issues like gut health and show them how they can support them in their results.

By taking the social media posts, Reels, Insta Story ideas, and freebie I’ve already created for you, I’ve taken away much of the heavy lifting required to launch this new gut health program and attract the ideal customers that need this more than ever.

All you have to do is get the 30 Day DFY 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy today and experience the difference.

Just click the button below, enter your details to join the Social Posting Strategy Membership, and get access to your first 30 days worth of content on the other side.

I look forward to hearing your success story!
P.S. With the 4 Week Gut Health Social Posting Strategy, you’ll get access to…
  • 30 Days Of Done For You Social Media Posts valued at $2,000
  • Weekly Reels and 150 Insta Story Ideas valued at $300
  • A Strategic Photo and Graphic Plan valued at $200
  • 30 Days of DIY Social Media Prompts valued at $150
  • A Done-For-You Freebie valued at $500
  • Access to our Authentic AF with Ashley Shaw Facebook Support Group valued at $100/month
  • Monthly Social Selling Secrets Training valued at $97/month
  • Social Insider Exclusive Members-Only Training valued at $47-$97/month
All for just $67/month 
This is everything you need to finally attract the ideal customers who need this gut health program and are ready to throw money at you like confetti, without having to spend all of your time searching hashtags to find the right people.
Plus if you don’t get at least one new customer in the next 30 days, I’ll refund everything you’ve paid.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here’s What Some Our Customers Have To Say

Deena Kestler

“I just have to tell you how great it is to have your DFY posts. Total game changer! It saves me time and most of all STRESS of what to post.”

Susie Marie

I did her Done For You Plan and got 2 challengers DIRECTLY because of it (that I for sure know) by day 6 and this morning I woke up to ANOTHER person asking to get in on this journey!

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How Does The Content Get Sent To Me?

We'll send you an email with further instructions and our customer support is standing by if you have any issues. In short, you simply create a login on our website and you’ll get instant access to your customer portal where you can download your posts and other content.

How Is The Content Personalized?

All of the content provided is in a template format, meaning you can use the content as you receive it or you can put your own spin on it. We recommend tweaking the content for your ideal customers so it engages and attracts them for the best results.

What Images Do I Use?

You'll be using your own photos for your brand and image because that’s how you stand out from others. But don’t worry, the images you’ll use can almost be anything as it’s all about getting attention so people stop and read your posts. That means posting pictures of real life work very well and we include image examples for you to follow. I mean, seriously, most of my pictures are just me standing around, holding a phone (or now holding my baby)... it’s not that difficult :)

How Long Do I Have Access To The Content? 

You'll have access to your customer portal forever, and you can also download your own material so you can access it at any time from anywhere.

How Do I Cancel? 

You can cancel anytime. There is no commitment with your membership. If you wanted to cancel, you would just email our Support team at and they would process your cancellation. There is a 3-day window to process requests to your account so just ensure you allow 3 days for them to get to your request!

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