No More “Business Opportunity” Bullshit.

Why No One Wants To Join Your Team & What To Do About It!

Why You Might Be Scaring Away Amazing Team Members Right Now

Whether it’s a first date gone wrong, or those skin cream hustlers in the middle of the mall…

…We’ve ALL found ourselves nodding politely as someone tries to sell us something, while we’re secretly plotting our exit strategy.

Now imagine a sweet friend you know who has good intentions, but you’re positive she’s DM-ing people about her new business, and that you’re next…

…and you’re prepared to kindly turn her down, because you don’t want to look like her online.

Well, 99.999% of the time, no one wants to join YOUR business either because it looks painfully awkward to promote.

No matter what you do, if you’re internally crying for people to join you, it’s coming through. People can see right through that shit.

Why Do People Even Start New Things?

Because it looks like FUN.

Or profitable. Or both.

(No one ever sees someone making uncomfortable videos, adding fake smiley emojis and too many exclamation points in their captions, and thinks “Sign me up to do that!”)

Whether it’s a new workout program, or deciding they’re gonna start piano lessons…

They have to be able to see themselves enjoying it in order to start, and stick with it for the long term, too.

Promoting Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be So Painful!

If you are currently…

  • Sending uninvited DM’s to people you rarely talk to
  • Starting fake convos only to end up pitching them a biz opportunity
  • Constantly asking people to join you or buy products on social media…

This is why people are scattering and you’re getting nowhere.

Now I promise I’m not here to make you feel like crap. (Following your upline’s outdated advice has probably already done enough of that!)

I’m here to affirm what your gut is likely screaming at you: there is a better way.

It’s Not Your Fault! (Until Now)

You don’t know what to do when you’re first starting out, so you have to listen to what your upline says.

But now that you’ve read this, you’re about to have your eyes opened to an authentic, FASTER way to grow your business…

Without feeling shitty every time you talk to someone.

It’s time to shake off the old school ways and make a choice: you can keep doing what you’ve been doing, or you can do it the right way.

It’s Easy- You Already Get It.

Just like dating, quality people aren’t attracted to a desperate person throwing themselves at anyone and everyone.

The best kind of people are drawn to those who know who they are, what they have to offer, and exactly who they want to be with.

It’s exactly the same in your business.

This Mindset Shift Will Change Everything!

The best team builders never have to feel desperate for people to join their team.

They’re just farmers planting social media seeds, waiting for the return.

They focus on the quality of people they work with, instead of the quantity.

So they focus on ATTRACTING people… not chasing them.

So What Do The Best Team Builders Do?

They focus on making themselves as attractive as possible…

…And it’s not just by “sharing your story” anymore, which used to magically draw team members.

Every single post must serve a purpose in an overall strategy.

Here’s How It Works

By using regular posts, Reels, TikToks, or Insta Stories in the right way…

People will start to know, like and trust you.

And your posts need to include a call to action, which will encourage people to DM you to find out more and/or get a free resource (called a Lead Magnet).

So you have people asking YOU for more information and you no longer need to chase anyone.

Try It For 30 Days & See What I’m Talking About!

I want you to try my social posting strategy for the next 30 days and see what happens…

Because I know that you’ll get more engagement, more leads, and more team members just by following my proven strategy.

Plus your followers will see how FUN & EASY it can be to market your business (which will make them a heck of a lot more excited to join).

And when you’re ATTRACTING people (not repelling them), you can finally make an extra side income, quit your job, start working from home, pay off your debt, or take your family on a well-deserved vacation.

So Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Ashley Shaw and I’m the founder of the Fitness Leader Institute.

I’ve already built a million dollar business, own my dream home (and other properties), retired my husband, and get to travel whenever I like.

I’m only sharing this to reassure you of two things:  

First: that my system works, because I’ve used it myself.

Second: that your decision to work with me won’t make much difference for my financial situation.

Unlike your upline, I don’t depend on your money (or your personal sales volume)…

I’m just looking for people who want help to get from where I’ve been (stressed out and frustrated), to where I am now (financially free and living what I used to dream about).


My 30 Days to Grow Your Team Content Strategy

Get this plan today, so for the next 30 days you can have…

  • A social media strategy that has been proven to turn stalkers into team members like clockwork
  • The exact content to post (or tweak) so you’ll never be stuck on what to post each day
  • The ability to be consistent with your social media because I’ve taken all the guesswork out for you (if you can copy and paste, you can crush this!)
  • And last but not least, true duplication because you can get your new team members using the methods and content as well, so you’re all following the same proven system and succeeding together.

These 4 things combine to create exponential results greater than you ever thought possible. I’ve seen it with my own eyes hundreds of times!

See How Emily Posts In 70 Seconds Per Day…

Why Are Our Posting Plans Unique?

Let’s be honest, anyone can pay a writer to churn out social media posts and sell them to you…

But that doesn’t mean they’ll grow your business.

All of our content is created by professional copywriters and designers who specialize in your market.

We know what gets engagement and drives people to take action (which means getting more people to actually join your team).

No Need to Just Trust Me, Look At The Results From Past Team Building Plans…

“6 Added Coaches”

“Asking About What I Do And How The Person Can Get Involved”

“Genuine Conversations With At Least 7 People”

But Won’t Everyone’s Content Look The Same?

The social media posts, templates, and lead magnet are all completely (and easily) customizable so you can add your own authentic voice to your marketing.

Plus you’ll be creating your own unique images, Insta Stories, and Reels that identify your unique brand (it’s crazy how simple this really is).

And we even give you a strategic photo and graphic plan including carousel templates, graphics, photo ideas, and Reel ideas for every single post, so you aren’t staring at your camera taking loads of pointless selfies or pointing and dancing awkwardly at the camera and wasting time.

But even if you use our content word for word and just add your own image, the chances of multiple people seeing your content (and recognizing it’s the same) are slim to none.

How Much Do I Invest?

It took our team 35 hours and cost $2,800 to create all the content available here.

But by spreading that investment across our clients…

You can get 30 posts for $97!

This means you can get professional and expensive content for a fraction of the price (think of us as your wholesaler for content creation).

Here’s What You Can Choose From

Just select one of the options below, or get the entire bundle!

30 Done-For-You Social Captions + Photo & Graphics Plan

These social media posts work for anyone in the health, wellness, and beauty industries. PLUS, they come with photo ideas & graphics you can use as-is, or easily edit!

Leave the captions as-is, or adjust to suit your personal brand voice… the choice is yours.

You’ll feel confident knowing you have strategic, consistent content that will make your audience WANT to work with you.

“Grow Your Team Or Pay Nothing” Guarantee

That means you get a full 30 days to put our content to the test and if you find…

You don’t get at least one new team member, or…

Any other reason under the sun (like it seems harder than we promised)…

Then we’ll give you a complete, 100% refund just for giving it a shot.

It’s just a little team rule we live by called “if you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!”

But You Must Act Now

If you want to attract more team members this month, then you can’t just keep doing the same things and expecting a different result.

Simply put, I can’t make it any easier or more affordable than this… all you have to do is be willing to actually post the content.

Ready To Grow Your Team In The Next 30 Days?

By getting this posting plan today, you’ll give yourself the proven strategy and content to get more team members in the next 30 days…

Plus, you’ll be able to post consistently and create duplication without wasting hours searching for ideas that probably won’t work anyway.

It’s time to stop coming across as desperate and show people how FUN & EASY it is to work with you!

Just click the button below, enter your details, and access your content on the other side.

In Sweat and Supercharge Your Sales Faith,

P.S. You get access to 30 days of strategic social posts and content that are guaranteed to grow your team.

It’s the easiest way to create compelling, consistent content on social media and actually get results.

And if you don’t get at least one new team member in the next 30 days, I’ll refund everything you’ve paid.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Say…

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