Facebook Ad Mentorship



  • Learn how to set up the BEST audiences for your Facebook ads so you're set up for success by targeting the right people.
  • Setting up the right campaign will be a game-changer. Learn what type of campaign you should be using for your Facebook ads.

  • Budgets can make or break the bank & your success. We'll cover where to set them and how to get started with the right spending!

  • Set up your freebies and email list so you could ensure you're capturing leads through your Facebook Ad efforts.

  • Get intimate with the statistics to know when something was working and when to accelerate your ad spend.

Let's Be Real...

Facebook ads can be the difference between making 5 figures and breezing by 6 figures in 2020.


And your success with Facebook Ads depends on your ability to test what works with your audience, recognize what's working, and scale your ads up when you're seeing success.

BUT...if it was that simple, everyone would do it. 

Consider me the Done For You Queen (that's what DFY stands for!) and watch your life get a heck of a lot easier when your challenge posts are handled by a pro and done for you!

I have been able to 5x my revenue with Facebook ads and I want to help you do the same in your business!

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