What would 5 days

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You're motivated, fit, inspiring, and real!


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If ONLY you could figure out how to bring in more leads and customers from social media so you were actually grew your business and inspired enthusiastic customers were sliding into your DMs before you even ask for the sale... 


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The 5 Day "Cash Converting Challenge" Masterclass.

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  • 5 x Done-For-You Posting Templates that actually inspire engagement, fan-girl’ing, and sales (cha-ching)! No more “OMG what do I post?!” overwhelm! Nothing can stand in your way now! 
  • 5 x Days of LIVE Cheerleading, Camaraderie, and Support inside of our Business Bootcamp For Fitness Coaches Facebook Group!
  • A MUCH improved social media feed that fearlessly shows potential customers what you’re really about, so they know they’ll know, love, trust, and buy from you!
  • That BUZZING sense of accomplishment that typically only comes after finishing a great workout, except this time: we’re working out your marketing muscles!!!! 

Are you ready for consistent customers to feel EASY?

What Is the 5-Day Cash Converting Challenge Masterclass?

The 5-Day Cash Converting Challenge Masterclass is a LIVE virtual 5-day event. You’ll receive DAILY training and accountability to start building a customer machine and you'll be with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to share and celebrate your success all week long!

***We kick off on May 22, 2023***

Will you be there?

Hosted by Ashley Shaw, top marketing strategist to for online + brick a& mortar entrepreneurs, Founder of The Fitness Leader Institute, Money Maker University & host of the podcast, Social Selling Simplified, and affectionately known as the Done-For-You Funnel Queen. ;)

Ashley Shaw first brought her 18 years of expertise in fitness sales and marketing to network marketers in 2017, helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace to hit their business goals and has been helping entrepreneurs ever since..

From there, it was clear that these social sellers needed a simple solution to the constant problem of: BUT HOW DO I GET CUSTOMERS? Thinking up a perfect sales strategy day in and day out while also supporting their customers was overwhelming -- so Ashley’s Done-For-You Programs were born!

An immediately huge hit with her clients, Ashley’s Done-For-You Programs & Templates have now helped over 31, 697 entrepreneurs get off the “hey, gurl” hamster wheel to build brands that attract customers to them like bees to honey -- no sleazy tactics required.

What Others Have Said About Ashley's Done-For-You Programs

My page is attracting people like crazy! I've only ever been higher than SC6 once - the month I came home from summit last year! Well. This month, I started the group at SC4, thinking to myself...meh, I'll be stuck here and miss SC5, yet again. Well HELLLLLLLO SC 8!! 2nd highest I've ever gotten. My page is attracting people like crazy!


I just got to say this... This has be the BEST MONEY I've ever spent! Since I started this 30 day done for you posting plan, I've hit SC 14!! Not to mention how easy it is when the work is done for you. It gave me time to focus on the follow ups!! Thanks Ashley!!


Do the work (I mean, ITS GIVEN TO YOU!) & see results! It must be something about day 3 for me whenever Ashley Shaw is involved. I did her Done For You Plan and got 2 challengers DIRECTLY because of it (that I for sure know) by day 6 and this morning I work up to ANOTHER person asking to get in on this journey!. Do the work (I mean, ITS GIVEN TO YOU!) and see results. Easy peasie!!


And now, it’s YOUR TURN.

Ready to turn the "cash conversion" challenge machine on?

MONEY MAKER University