6-Month Membership Branding Bootcamp For Social Sellers

6 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Welcome to The Branding Bootcamp for Social Sellers. You’re in for a heart-filled interactive video-training and accountability course that will teach bad-ass, authentic, simple core principles of social media engagement and defining the CORE of your business. You can expect step-by-step training to get EXTREMELY CLEAR about WHO you are talking to, WHAT you stand for, WHAT your message is and HOW to share it to DRIVE engagement and REACH your ideal customer.

Course Structure


Month 1: Your Life Story

Sharing your authentic story and background helps new followers get to know, like, and trust you. This month, we’ll dive into how you can extract the best and leave the rest!


Month 2: Your Sweet Spot

Without this, it’s MUCH harder to sell. Can you find the exact spot where your passions and your community’s needs lie? Well help you uncover that here! Hello, easy sales!


Month 3: Your Values

When you know what you stand for, it helps you stand out to attract truly like-minded followers and fans! In this module, you’ll identify the keys that will help your audience bond to you.


Month 4: Your Branding

What IS branding, exactly? We’ll cover all the details so you can create visually consistent content that establishes a vibe your audience will fall in love with!


Month 5: Your Ideal Customer

Knowing who you want to attract is half the battle. When you nail this down, everything else runs way smoother -- engagement spikes, sales go up up up, and the time you take to post and tweak becomes easy peasy.


Month 6: Super Metrics: Your 80/20

Improving your social media accounts is all about knowing what’s working so you can do more of that! Here, we’ll break down what to track (and how) so you can continue to improve and grow at an accelerated pace.