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Subject: 5 festive treats to break up the sweets!


Excuse me if I have already said this before but I just can’t get over it-- WE ARE STARTING A NEW DECADE! ????

Can you believe it? I feel like the ’90s were just last year!

Ok well now that that’s out of my system, I felt like I should share some fun, festive and healthy treats to help break up all the cookies and sweets! ???? ????

  1. Santa’s Belly Cheese Snacks

These are so cute and easy to make! All it takes are some Babybel cheese snacks, construction paper, and glue to make a fun Christmas snack that your kids can take to school.

2.  Fruity Christmas Tree

This one takes a bit more effort but it is sure to be the highlight of any Christmas party. You’ll need a pineapple ????, various fruits to stick to the sides and a lot of toothpicks.

3. Grinch Grapes

If the fruity tree seemed like way too much work for you, then give the grinch grapes a go instead! Just stick a green grape, a slice of banana ???? and a strawberry ???? together for little Grinches in Santa hats.

4. Gingerbread Balls

With these gingerbread balls, you can enjoy the taste of the season without overdoing it on the calories, sugar or guilt. You can find the full recipe here: https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/blog/gingerbread-balls .

5.  Peppermint Mocha Shakeology Pudding

I couldn’t leave out a peppermint recipe! This pudding only has 3 ingredients-- 4 if you choose to top it with coconut or candy canes ???? Just blend the 3 together and voilà, you have peppermint mocha pudding!

As much as we love our Christmas goodies, they can start to weigh heavy on us by Christmas. But with recipes like these, you can keep with the holiday theme without overdoing it on all the sugar!

I’ll be back next time with 3 ways to be more like Elf and less like the Grinch as Christmas gets closer. 

Until then,


P.S. Forward this email to someone you think would appreciate some lighter, seasonal treats!

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