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30-Day DFY Recruiting During Covid Posting Plan

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In this post, you’re going to share some thoughts or something you love that your ideal customer will connect with right now.  Posts like this build trust and rapport with your audience, so analyze your ideal customer’s circumstances. They’re likely either considered an essential worker, or working from home, or stuck at home wishing they COULD work from home and have an income!  Are they trying to homeschool their kids?

The post doesn’t have to be long and wordy.  It’s good to space out more thoughtful posts with shorter, more light-hearted ones. 

Photo suggestion: snap a shot of your favorite spot at home.  It can be your favorite corner of your back or front yard, a patio or deck, living room, etc… just choose a spot at home you love that you can share with your audience.  

****I HIGHLY suggest using an editing app (Like VSCO) to brighten and edit your photo!!  Bright, high-quality photos are EVERYTHING!! 

Don’t forget to ask for engagement at the end.

See how it’s done… then edit away!!!


Juuuust scoping out some options for this weekend’s travel ideas… ????????????

I was thinking of making a quiet little getaway to a new corner of the yard… then going out for drinks and appetizers at my favorite little hole-in-the-wall spot called the fridge...????????

Definitely gonna take a trip to the home gym for my daily sweat sesh… get some hours in at the office… (which, let’s be honest, has been my couch for a while now, anyway… I’ve been PREPARED for this!)

What’s your favorite spot to chill at home??  Where do you go to breathe a little deeper?

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