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30-Day DFY Find Your People Posting Plan - Beachbody Version

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In this post, pick some feedback or a quote to share from a customer that your ideal customer will relate to. (**Huge bonus points if you have a before and after photo of this person in their fitness journey!)  

Have you received any encouraging emails or DM’s from past customers?  

(You can also share a quick little something from your OWN journey!)

This doesn’t have to be a long, slick or salesy story.  Keep it short, real, and heartfelt.  Get specific with a couple details about this person that your ideal customer will connect with.  This will build trust, show them the heart behind WHY you do what you do, and help them envision THEMSELVES working with you! 

***If you share someone else’s feedback and/or photos, make sure you get their permission first.***

See how it’s done…


*insert message from happy customer here* - name of customer

This gem popped into my messages the other day, and I still get the warm and fuzzies when I read it.  ????  I’m so crazy thankful that I get to call this my JOB!!  *Insert name* has been trusting me to encourage her every step of her journey and she is crushing it!!!  

Double tap if you think she looks AMAZING!!

Click on the button to copy the post's test and emjois below. Try to paste the text (e.g. ctrl+v or doubling clicking on your screen) afterwards in a different window, to see the effect.

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