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Look for a quote you know your audience can get behind! You want to reach people interested in coaching - so search accordingly. (Pinterest is a goldmine of quotes... just be sure to attribute them correctly!) In your caption, get specific with why this quote is meaningful to you!  What will your ideal coach connect and relate with you on?  You’re finding common ground today, outside of motivation to work out.


“Ah kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.”

Crazy how I can bust my butt all day, and that one smile on someone’s face makes it ALLLL worth it!  Sometimes just knowing we’ve made a difference is what it’s all about, right??  ???? ✨

Sprinkling joy like we’re some badass fairy godmothers ???? ????

I know it sure means the world to me when someone does something nice for me. Not too long ago, I had a rough week at work. My BFF knew all about it, and she decided to take action. She came over and brought all this spa stuff - face masks, foot scrubs - the works! It seriously brightened my whole day ☀️

Shout out to all the people doing the good work.  You know who you are and you ROCK!!! ????

#helpothers #actsofkindness #servingothers #helpout #spreadthelove

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