DFY Posting Plans

30-Day DFY Beachbody On Demand Posting Plan

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About this course

Post a photo of yourself. Tell a story with a message.

The goal is to connect, build trust and likeability, and share a relatable struggle that elicits emotion!!!

(Example: During the New Year, my ideal customer struggles to find balance in her new year’s resolution and ends up taking an all or nothing approach.)

See how it's done...


FACT: New Year’s always brings new motivation in the air ????

FICTION: I always can get started but never have the “will-power” to finish! ????

FACT: It’s the season of personal development & growth & time to make YOU a focus ????✏️

FICTION: I need to go to the gym everrrryday and be perfect with my eating to see any results ????????

For those of us that struggle with sticking with our goals in the new year & trying to commit to being 100% perfect, this mindset can be quite a unique challenge.

Once we’ve acknowledged the facts though, we can take control of the doubts and find a solution.  We deserve to be kinder to ourselves, show ourselves some love, and throw out the excuses! What do you need to do to find balance and love yourself more in 2020?

Drop a ❤️ in the comments & tell me what you’re doing differently in 2020!