The Monthly




  • Never again will you struggle with what to post as 30 perfectly crafted Done For You Fitness Coach Posts will magically appear every month so you can smoothly & confidently post daily!
  • Stop feeling like a slimy salesperson on social. Start GIVING to your potential customers with Done For You Freebies every month to help build your email list!
  • Automate your relationship-building with a 4 Part Email Series. These emails will prime your audience on auto-pilot & will leave you with ready to buy coaching customers.
  • Keep your clients accountable with these 30 Clients Posts that can be used for a Facebook Accountability Group
  • All of these pieces add up to a Done For You Relationship-Building Sales Funnel specifically designed for Fitness Coaches that'll put your lead generation on autopilot (**without ever feelings like your "selling") which equals FRESH LEADS & NEW CUSTOMERS every month!

Let's Be Real...

Most Fitness Coaches start each month with great intentions that they can handle all it ALL; the daily social posts, the Instagram engagement, sending weekly coach emails, generating new leads EVRRRY DAY & coaching current clients.

But that, my friends, is more the exception than the rule.

And I get it.

Creating a sales machine of leads & running a fitness coach business is actually like having 2 jobs instead of 1.

All of sudden, you're expected to know how to market yourself on social while coaching clients at the same time. It's SO understandable that your consistency can go from HAWWWWT to cold real fast.

But good intentions of building a fitness coaching business don't lead to actually building a thriving fitness coaches business (**you know...the kind where you can turn clients away?). 

A business that pays ALL the bills,  allows you to take vacations & a businesses that isn't an expensive hobby.

We both know it takes more than "spraying and praying" on social when it comes to your marketing efforts.

And that's why I created the Monthly Done For You Fitness Coach Marketing Strategy. It'll take any lack of consistency, lack of knowledge and lack of "knowing what to say" off the table.

This strategy was BUILT FOR THOSE that ACTUALLY WANT TO BUILD their BIG DREAMS & a 6 Figure+ BUSINESS (**without their OWN lack of knowledge of social getting in the way).

If that sounds like EXACTLY what's been holding you back, this fitness coach strategy was MADE FOR YOU.

  • Early Access. Get All Of Your Content 7 Days Before The Month Starts.
  • FB Community. Access To An Exclusive Members Only Area For Weekly Q & A's, Tech Tips & Training with Ashley Shaw (**a 16 year OG in the fitness & sales industry!
  • Life Story Training. We'll Dive Right Into Exactly How To Separate Yourself In A Sea Of Fitness Coach Sameness!
  • Monthly Fitness Stock Images For Insta Stories, Emails, Client-Only Facebook Groups & Your Social Media Posts - all taken by a professional photographer specifically made for fitness coaches.