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Instagram Business Blueprint Workshop

Never waste another hour scrolling socials to get more customers! Watch this training and learn where to start to make new connections and find new followers. I show you exactly how to niche down and ensure you’re talking to your perfect customers- and not wasting your time on everyone else!
This 90-minute workshop will teach you the fine art of moving ideal customers through the journey of “not right now” to “where can I sign up,” so you’re helping people commit to themselves. PLUS, you’ll get my Secret System for saving tons of wasted time- because you’ll never have to send a cold message again.

This workshop’s value is $77, but you can add it to your order now for just $7!


How To Take Amazing Photos & Videos w/ Shana Yurko

If you're doing it right, customers should already be coming to you ready-to-buy and if they're not, you've missed a VITAL part of every successful business: Nailing down your ideal customer SO intimately that you know what they're thinking before they even think it.

To accomplish this, you've gotta take some serious time to get down and dirty with who they are, and that's what this workshop will do for you in just 90 minutes!!

This workshop’s value is $97, but you can add it to your order now for just $37!


GET THEM BOTH: Instagram Business Blueprint Workshop + How To Take Amazing Photos & Videos w/ Shana Yurko

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Here’s What Some Our Members Have To Say

“Friends, I’m so exhausted lol. Please send good vibes and pictures of llamas but on the upside I have a win!! I’m already at 700 emails with my freebie - got 200 in the past week alone!!!! And I added questions to my Facebook group so I’m getting great audience language nuggets for speaking to them, and for ads - it’s starting to all feel like a natural flow!

Now just gotta get the course done and set up... EXCITING!

Shana Yurko

“I cannot Thank You and your team enough Ashley Shaw!! I've been staying consistent with these postings and freebies and my team is growing (something it hasn't done in a very long time)!
Thank you also for putting the FB ads training in the portal as well. I missed it due to Girl Scouts so I'm happy to see the recording available.

Katie Fischer

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