Career Destiny - Discovering What You Were Meant To Do

The Career Destiny Package is the full luxury experience where you'll receive 1:1 support to discovering your inner career dreams and creating your perfect career by design. This is the primo package, ladies!

You'll get a dream job discovery, identification of your unique gifts that only you have and a personalized path to action to creating your dream lifestyle and career.

It's my real, no goal is too small, no bull-shit approach that'll get you to your career destiny. 

We''ll determine what you'd love to be doing daily to be beyond fulfilled! I'll help you establish a foundation to create your dream lifestyle and then put the pieces together to get you on that path to action! 

This is for a woman that...

  • ​knows there is a perfect dream career out there that will match her strengths flawlessly
  • knows she has more to offer that what her job current demands
  • wants to align her strengths with what she does everyday and is unwilling to compromise on this
  • wants to love what she does every damn day!
  • is overwhelmed with where to start but knows she wants to take on the journey
  • is motivated to make the change knowing it will take some work but will be so worth it!

What will you get?

    • A Life Purpose Discovery where we will define your life's meaning and define what makes you feel most alive. This will be the foundation with which we start to determine what you need to be doing to feel most fulfilled in life.
    • Defining your top 10 most important life values. These values will help to making decision making easy and always put you on a path that gets you closer to achieving your destiny.
    • Determining where you currently are where the Wheel Of Life and what areas are energizing you and the areas of life that are energy vampires. We will create a customized action plan to tackle this areas to get you feeling the most empowered you've ever felt.
    • A 12 Month "Goals With Soul Plan" which will help align your Life Purpose, your Top 10 Personal Values & your Wheel Of Life and it will take all of the work that we did and put a plan into action.
    • Lifetime access to our Facebook group that will introduce you to a group of ladies that are just as motivated to achieve their goals as you are!  
    • 12 Months Of Personalized Coaching - this will involve monthly sessions that will keep you feeling invigorated and inspired!
    • BONUS: A resume review where we will take your Dream Destiny and work to create a masterpiece that will get you the career and lifestyle of your dreams!

What's the investment? 

Career Destiny is $1200. This is the most involved and personal experience I offer. You'll get all of my best skills. Together, we'll create your dream lifestyle that will be so uniquely you. It'll align with every fibre of your being and your entire life will change.

Does this sound exactly like what you are looking for?

I'd love to make this more personal. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering this investment. My role in guiding you to your Career Destiny is to be your expert, coach, teacher and confidant. I know how excited you are about the possibility of finally finding your absolutely perfectly resonating lifestyle and career. Here's the thing: you’ll need to do the work.

I want to be really honest with you. YOU are ultimately responsible for what is inside of you - to dig deep, to getting to the core of your being and to being committed to the process.

I’ll will be with you every step of this journey. I’ll use my skills as a CEO, coach and teacher to ensure you get clear on your purpose, your passions and your dreams in our Career Destiny calls. We’ll strategize, develop, and implement a process for you that will help you get to the core of all you have to offer and want to be.

If Career Destiny is exactly what you have been dreaming of, then let's talk and get to know each other.

I believe in you. You are ready.

Let's create the lifestyle you have dreaming about.

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