Brand Avatar Template

Your Brand Avatar Template – Ashley ShawBRAND ARCHETYPE Template:

Here’s the deal…

Give yourself a 1 if it’s not like you at all – nowhere near you!

Give yourself a 3 if it could go either way. – some days it is and some it isn’t.

Give yourself a 5 if it is EXACTLY you!

The important thing is to sit with each sentence and try to go deep.

Here we go….

Motivation: Stability

Character A

I often feel inspired and have an active imagination.  __________

I believe form and function go hand in hand.  __________

I do not like to compromise my standards.  __________

My product/service helps clients express themselves in a creative way.  __________

I am willing to work at something for a long time to create a really worthwhile piece of work.  __________

TOTAL for Character A  __________

Character B

Creating a feeling of family or community is important to me.  __________

I value giving to others.  __________

Kindness, caring, and compassion are key values for me.  __________

My product/service provides comfort or security for my clients.  __________

I find it hard to say no to clients.  __________

TOTAL for Character B  __________

Character C

It’s important to seek the truth.  __________

I believe that knowledge and wisdom are important.  __________

I like to make people think.  __________

My product/service helps people investigate different view points.  __________

I respect objectivity.  __________

TOTAL for Character C  __________

Motivation: Mastery

Character D

I prefer special experiences, where everything is taken care of, than the DIY approach to everything. __________

I love the idea of transforming something.  __________

Spirituality is a vital connection for me in my work and life.  __________

I love to reframe a situation or offer a new perspective.  __________

I believe in synchronicity, even destiny.  __________

TOTAL for Character D  __________

Character E

I believe rules are meant to be broken.  __________

I often feel isolated from other people.  __________

I would rather do something my own way than be popular.  __________

My product or service stands for something radically different, instead of blending in.  __________

My product/service helps people get rebellious.  __________

TOTAL for Character E  __________

Character F

I like feeling victorious.  __________

I value hard work and perseverance.  __________

Overcoming challenges is motivating for me.  __________

I believe in standing up for the underdog.  __________

Anything can be accomplished with discipline and focus.   __________

TOTAL for Character F  __________

Motivation: Belonging

Character G

I believe in fairness and equality.  __________

People’s rights are important to me.  __________

My friends are a very important part of my life.  __________

I value creating connection in my community.  __________

I would much rather work together than alone.  __________

TOTAL for Character G  __________

Character H

I believe people need to lighten up.  __________

I often like to change things up.  __________

I like to help people have a good time.  __________

I laugh at the idea of following rules – people take themselves way to seriously with that stuff.  __________

I value creativity and innovation.  __________

TOTAL for Character H  __________

Character I

I have a taste for quality, and I like appealing to that taste in others as well. __________

Creating intimate client and colleague relationships is important to me. __________

I see my clients as people to be loved or feel close to. __________

I value working with people on a heart-to-heart level. __________

I enjoy helping people feel special and appreciated. __________

TOTAL for Character I  __________

Motivation: Independence

Character J

I value being in control.  __________

Systems and structure are important for getting things done.  __________

My service/product helps clients feel powerful or in charge.  __________

My product/service is seen as a step above the competition.  __________

I value doing the right thing, even if it’s not popular.  __________

TOTAL for Character J  __________

Character K

I value self discovery.  __________

My product/service helps people find their way to learn more about themselves.  __________

Individuality, choice, and uniqueness are key values for me.  __________

I love exploring new possibilities.  __________

I tend to be a loner and prefer not to be part of a group for any length of time.  __________ TOTAL for Character K  __________

Character L

I believe in happy endings.  __________

My product/service is good for you.  __________

I like things to be simple, cheerful, or upbeat.  __________

My product/service create a feeling of safety and predictability.  __________

Freshness, cleanliness, or wholesomeness are important to me.  __________

TOTAL for Character L  __________

Character Key:

Now check your character totals, to find your dominant story.

Motivation: Stability

Character A – Creator  _____      

Character B – Caretaker  _____   

Character C – Sage  _____

Motivation: Mastery

Character D – Alchemist  _____

Character E – Outlaw  _____

Character F – Hero  _____

Motivation: Belonging

Character G – Every Woman  _____

Character H – Jester  _____

Character I – Lover  _____

Motivation: Independence

Character J – Ruler  _____

Character K – Explorer  _____

Character L – Innocent  _____

NOTE: If you have more than two with the same number, re-take the assessment (for the ones that tied) and review each question carefully. 

Or, in the event of a two-way tie, go back and read up on both personas and see which resonates most with your soul and your brand. 

Which archetype has the most points? This is your dominant archetype.

Who is next? These are your supporting archetypes {the ones that had the next highest points}. Make sure to check out Kaye Putnam to learn more about your brand archetype!

I hope you enjoyed this activity!

Here is a list of resources to start really digging into your archetype.







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