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Whether you struggle with reels, posts, images, Insta stories, or all of the above, my team has got you covered with engaging content designed to ultimately boost your paycheck.

Creating valuable content is time-consuming and frustrating enough… but on top of entertaining, providing value, AND getting engagement, how can you be sure it will drive sales in your business and make you money?

You can keep pouring all of that time and energy into what is essentially a painfully expensive guessing game, or you can pay my expert team $2.10/day to create everything for you.  (Yes, everything!)

Your daily content will follow the same formula I used when I hit 7 figures with just 7,012 followers on Instagram- proving you don’t need the massive following many influencers want you to think you need…

You just need a proven strategy that turns casual followers into loyal, raving fans jumping to work with you that includes:

Strategic “Done-For-You” Caption Templates + Images!

(Creation Cost: $467 for 7 Days)

You’ll receive daily writing prompts & fill-in-the-blank caption templates for your social media pages that work for anyone in the health, wellness, skincare, and beauty industries.  Plus, gorgeous done-for-you images you can easily tweak in Canva for free.  Leave everything as-is, or put your own spin on it… the choice is yours!

Daily Reel/TikTok Audio + On-Screen

Text Ideas

(Creation Cost: $70 for 7 Days)

Each Reel/Tiktok idea is up to date with current trends, engaging and relevant to your audience, and designed to expand your reach and attract your ideal customers so you can make more sales… and more money.

Daily Insta Story Prompts

(Creation Cost: $70 for 7 Days)

You’ll get five Insta Story prompts per day, so you can easily share your thoughts and expertise, engage, poll your audience, and call them to action to DM you without wasting your time recording fruitless stories.


Get your entire day’s social media strategy OFF your plate for just $2.10/day when you subscribe weekly. Total Value: $607!


“6 Added Coaches”

I needed to share. Today I woke up and checked my coach office. Highest paycheque this week ever. I’m on holidays this week so wanted to see what I could accomplish working on BB as if it was just my business. Made exactly what I would make in one week working an 8 hour a day 5 days a week at my job.

I am at SC 12 this month so far with 6 added coaches. (MBF launch definitely helped) but that’s 4 months in a row I’ve hit over 10 SC points.

“Asking About What I Do And How The Person Can Get Involved”


Got a message yesterday asking about what I do and how the person can get involved and just signed someone up with a challenge pack to get me to SC6 for the month!

“Genuine Conversations With At Least 7 People”

Ashley Shaw!! I am beyond grateful and blessed to have found you!! I have been following the conversation flow from the 30 day DYF messaging plan and oh my!! I think I am having ongoing genuine conversations with at least 7 people.

Pressure gone! and genuine interest is forming without me doing a sales pitch. Your genius and easy to follow plan has really helped me to keep it cute and short (unlike this post, hence why I needed you!)

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 10,000 coaches and reps in the health, fitness, wellness, beauty, and skincare space get their marketing under control so they can grow their business, eliminate the overwhelm, and increase their income without having to chase people down.

With over 20 years in the health & wellness industry, I know exactly what to say and do on social media in order to boost sales and get more customers and reps for your business.

For less than a plain [ie: boring] black cup of diner coffee per day, you can get:

  1. An authentic relationship-building social media strategy that has been proven to help online fitness coaches and reps in the health, wellness & beauty industries attract their ideal customers and build deeper relationships so they can generate more sales and repeat customers.
  2. The ability to be consistent with your social media because I’ve taken all the guesswork out for you (if you can copy and paste, you can crush this).
  3. And last but not least, true duplication- because you can send your entire downline to grab these daily social media solutions as well, so you’re all following the same proven strategies and succeeding together.

No more struggling with what to post or say online…

No more cold messages and cringey, salesy vibes in your posts…

No more just “sharing your story” and hoping something will stick.

YES, I Want This!

Plus we’re so confident our content works that you can try it risk free with our…

Boost Your Paycheck Or Pay Nothing” Guarantee

That means you get a full 30 days to put our content to the test and if you find…

You don’t see a paycheck boost, or…

Any other reason under the sun (like it seems harder than we promised)…

Then we’ll give you a complete, 100% refund just for giving it a shot.

It’s just a little team rule we live by called “if you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!”

YES, I Want This!

My Team And I Get It.

Content that engages, entertains, provides value, AND sells is not everyone’s cup of tea… and definitely not why you said yes to your business.

Call us crazy, but we LOVE it and specialize in the health, wellness, beauty, and skin care industries… so our team of expert copywriters knows precisely what to say to help you find your dream customers who are already looking for you.

If you’re creating all your own content, you’re losing money.

Hand us the keys, friend.  Go do more of what you love- We’ve got your social media handled.

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