30-DAY Done For You August Marketing Strategy


  • Includes 30 BRAND NEW Done For You Posts professionally written that will MOVE your IDEAL CUSTOMERS into action (Whether you're launching MM100 or not!)

  • Covers 21 Challenge Group Posts with topics ranging from meal prep accountability, fitness education, motivation, sharing workout successes, and MUCH more!

  • A Done For You Priming Freebie called "BBQ's, Cocktails & Salads, OH MY! The 10 Best Summer Recipes That Are Healthy & Delicious!!" which will help you collect & build your email list with a value building freebie.

  • A 3 Part August Email Series that contains an email to introduce your freebie, and the other 2 emails can be used for your entire list to help move your ideal customers into ACTION.

  • 10 Fitness Coach inspired images created by a graphic designer for you to use on any of your social media platforms

Let's Be Real...

Marketing strategy is a huggggge time suck so most people are inconsistent. And if you're trying to move your ideal customers to action, this is an essential part of building a business but can be enough to overwhelm even the most saaaaaavy fitness coach.

This monthly marketing strategy will frame every post and email, so you can keep them the exact same or put your own spin on them.

Consider me the Done For You Queen (that's what DFY stands for!) and watch your life get a heck of a lot easier when your marketing strategy is handled by a pro!