Ashley Shaw

The Art of Inviting:
How To NOT Sound Salesy

When you're launching a new product, program or even recruiting COACHES in your business, it can be overwhelming, frustrating and painful.
(**ALL because you need to INVITE to grow your BUSINESS but it SUCKS hearing NO or CRICKETS all the time!)


And it can give you all the icky feels like...

Social Media Sliminess & Griminess
No Attracting Or Reacting From Your Ideal Audience
Disappearing In A Sea Of Sameness & Lameness
Getting Ghosted Or Roasted

So let me share my secret weapon that includes the 5 STEPS TO INVITING WITH INTENTION. This FREE training, The Art Of Inviting, has ALL of my BEST tricks and tips on how I've approached EVERY SINGLE PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER in my career. (From 14 years of fitness sales experience).

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