Ashley Shaw
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I'm so thrilled you're here. Ecstatic in fact.

My heart-filled mission is one that works to serve you on this journey to discovering WHO you are, WHAT you have to say & WHY it matters. 

You see, we all have these gifts within us. A gift so PRECIOUS and true to ONLY US that it can only be compared to that of a magical unicorn. But it's up to us, as entrepreneurs, to dig beyond what's on the surface, and pull out what lies in the depths of our finally marry our soul with our business into what I call a becoming a "soul-preneur".

Because it's here that the game changes.

That competition gets obliterated. That all of a sudden every moment in your life connects to who you are and EVERYTHING starts to make sense...WHO your ideal customers are, WHAT your message is and HOW to DRIVE your PASSION to a place you never dreamed possible.

So follow me and let me lead you on this journey to discovering you because there is no one that is truer than you. Let's dig in and find that magic.

I'm Ashley and I've been in the fitness industry since 1984...since the moment my mom went into labour in a gym parking lot.....Yes! That long!

My parent's owned a Gold's Gym and since that very moment of birth, I've been in the industry and involved in all aspects of the fitness business including sales, operations, personal training, small group training and group fitness. I've worked for the 2 largest competitors in the Canadian market including Goodlife Fitness,  and Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs.

I've lived and breathed almost all fitness markets across Canada living in Ontario , Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia over the past 10 years. I've also been involved in training at clubs across all provinces and have an understanding of the full market in Canada.

Ashley Shaw

I'm passionate about the fitness industry, seeing others succeed and inspiring others; that's what the fitness business is all about.

I'm happy to share my experiences and resources and learn more about your journey in fitness!

Watch my story below: "My Path From Part-Timer To President".

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