let's get serious for a SEC

You don’t have to do all-the-things to make your business work.


It's time to breathe a sigh of relief...

You can legitimately and authentically attract your people

and grow with a few simple, consistent actions.

my job?

Simply making it easier for you to take the actions

that will actually work.



If we’ve never met before, I want to start by saying that I’m so glad you are here!

Because I get how overwhelming things can be when you just want to see consistent growth.

When I first started my business, I remember feeling nervous, unsure, and I spent a lot of

(read: way too much) time comparing myself to everyone else out there. 

I had a ton of experience in marketing and sales.

I had already worked in the industry for 16 years, taught sales to fitness pros, and climbed

the ranks to president of a major fitness company. But what I didn’t have was confidence

that I could really build a 6-figure business all on my own.

As me.

I mean… Who wanted to hear what Ashley Shaw had to say?

Who was I to put my message out there?


I saw what I'm doing now and knew it was my “calling” to make it a reality.

So I climbed over those insecurities and I kept going. I took IMPERFECT action.

Again. And again. And again.

over my almost 20 years in this industry is that most coaches and reps don’t achieve their goals or desires.

And the reason they don’t is not lack of skill, passion, talent, or even desire.

The reason they don’t is actually pretty simple: They just aren’t consistently taking the actions that truly move the needle for their business.

Chances are, you already KNOW what you’re NOT doing (and should be).

You may be so overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there that you’re

second-guessing what you think you should be doing and instead doing nothing at all.

(We’ve all been in that uncomfortable mind-spin, before! #awkward)

If that sounds familiar, the good news is that you’re not alone...


Yes, that’s the actual statistic… and I know it’s a scary one.

You don’t have to stay in that bucket, friend.

To push yourself into the 8% who DO achieve what they want… you simply have to decide and take action.

And... you’re already ahead because you’re already reading the right page from the right person who is

about to help you turn all of that around. ;)

So if you’re tired of…

  • “Hey Gurl” hustling your way into strangers’ DMs and crossing your fingers that you get a response… 
  • Wasting time scrolling social media scrambling for inspo because you’re unsure of what to post that will attract your people…
  • Comparing yourself to every other “influencer” out there -- asking yourself what they have that you don’t 

(while simultaneously beating yourself up insider for not doing “more”)...

That means you’re ready for a change.

Here at Ashley Shaw.ca, we're designed to be rocket fuel for your growth…


  • Done-For-You Templates That Make Posting Easy To Execute
  • Marketing Memberships To Help You Set Up Automatic, Authentic Selling Systems
  • Free Community, Content and Training for Coaches & Reps just like YOU

All of these resources were designed and refined to provide simple, effective marketing solutions for kick-ass coaches like you. Coaches & Reps who deserve to be seen and known and making a difference.

 Coaches & Reps who have hundreds and thousands of lives to impact!

more and more health and wellness Coaches & Reps grow their own empires and continued to see what was possible for my clients

and customers it became clearer to me how necessary these simple tools were. So, even though those doubts occasionally

crept in, I didn’t let them stop me. 

I built more, I showed up more, and I continued to serve.

And just like when I first got started, I didn’t worry about whether it was PERFECT.

I just kept taking authentic action. And this is the entire philosophy that our products are built upon.


...it has the right reliable blend of protein, vitamins, and nutrients (and flavor, of course!).

business growth strategy recipe is similarly simple:

  • A little Done-For-You Content to make the consistency easy...

blended with...

  • A lot of YOU -- authentic, imperfect, quirky YOU.
  • To create success like you’ve never seen before.

I have a 7-figure business with an Instagram following of less than 10,000…


I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that all of the “reasons” you’ve made up

about why you can’t achieve what you want with your business?

They’re all lies.

replace your income, grow your business, help 100s or 1000s or tens of thousands of people...

You can have all you want -- but you DO have to decide and take authentic action.

Well, if you’ve never tried my Done-For-You Social Media Templates,

I’d highly recommend starting there. 

You can get FIVE for free to start.

And let me (or the thousands of coaches who’ve used them)

tell you: they WORK.


"Forget What Your Upline Said...

Just read this  book..." - Emily