When people ask me what I do, I tell them:

"I help fitness coaches eliminate the overwhelm in their marketing efforts so they can have the authentic business of their dreams".

But what I really want to say is...

"I create done for you marketing funnels for fitness coaches so they never have to come up with what to say in daily posts, Facebook groups or weekly emails. Fitness coaches that use the 4-part DFY (Done For You) Marketing Funnel NEVER have to send another "Hey Gurl" message EVER AGAIN to generate leads."


My mom literally went into contractions in a Gold's Gym parking lot (#gymlife), I've sold everything from Hello Kitty stationery to $1200 knife sets + I create UNAPOLOGETICALLY SIMPLE online marketing funnels that do.the.work.for.you because I hate when things are OVERLY complicated + I get stuck in ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

I'm Ashley Shaw -- and you've probably guessed, teaching fitness coaches how to grow their business by building marketing funnels (+seriously taking down the overwhelm) is kind of my sweet spot (**some have even called me a magical marketing unicorn).

People come to me when what they're doing isn't working, they're tired of feeling salesy on social media or they just need someone to tell them what to do next to scale their business to 6 figures.

Through my done.for.you marketing funnels, simplicity-packed workshops, and BS cutting masterminds, I simplify to the basics and arm you with tools that are scientifically backed to make the biggest difference in your business.

Easy peasy and you'll never feel sleazy!!

I have a 16+year background in the fitness industry, marketing and building businesses online. I've worked with the largest fitness companies in Canada and a few ma and pa shops in between.

I help 25,000 coaches a month find their people while building a Hollywood-like waiting list of ideal customers they can't wait to work with.

I've worked for large corporations and been responsible for over 350 people -- and I've also been self-employed and been responsible for putting dinner on the table --and I've done both of these things for the past 10 years. I'm not a newbie business mentor who just popped up. I've lived and breathed this stuff for years and only teach and share what I've tested myself.

When I'm not creating content, teaching or masterminding, I'm hanging with my Boston Bulldog, Brew, who loves knitted sweaters, getting the zoomies and chasing tennis balls. My husband, William, is the love of my life and I knew I was going to marry him the minute I saw him. We've been married twice (**to each other) -- once in Vietnam and the other time in Vegas in a driveway through chapel. And we also happen to have a human on the way.

(**And if you REALLY want MORE, make sure to listen to the Podcast: Social Selling Simplified where I ALWAYS get super real about how I starting making 6 figures in my first year of online business.)

In Sweat & Social Selling Faith,


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