To Women Who Want To Quit Work Someday

Discover The #1 Mistake That Every New Business Owner Makes

I Want To Make More In Less Time

How To Make More Money In Less Time

Every new business owner makes one huge mistake each and every time…

They take their employee mindset with them.

That means they continue to trade their time for money…

But even worse, they start earning less than minimum wage as they do it.

How Much Money Are You Losing Right Now?

Think about how many hours you worked on your business last month… was it 20, 40, 80, etc?

Then think about how much income you made after your product and other costs.

If it was $0 then your hourly rate was negative…

And if you made $200 but worked 40 hours, then it’s only $5 an hour.

(So you’d actually be better off going to work at McDonald’s! 😮 )

But It’s Not Your Fault You’re Being Screwed

As an employee, we’re taught to trade our time for money.

So when you start your business, you just start working harder (but for less money).

You need to make the mindset switch to become a business owner where you leverage other people’s time to make your income.

Otherwise, your business will never give you the freedom you desire.

How To Become A Business Owner

Every successful business owner has other people working for them.

So they can focus on the most valuable work every single day (or even take time off when they feel like it).

And the most valuable work for you is talking to the right people and turning them into clients.

So you should be investing as much of your time in that as possible.

But What If You Don’t Have A Steady Stream Of Leads?

Well, I’m definitely not suggesting you go and DM 100 people a day, because that’s an epic waste of your time and the least effective way to get clients.

So you need to use a social media posting strategy that actually gets people chasing you.

Now it’s pretty easy to find outsourcers who can create a social media post for you for just $5 each (no guarantees on the quality though)…

Or you can use my team and get them for less than $1 each (saving you a bunch of time and money).

Get Social Media Posts That Actually Work

Imagine having all your social media posts done for you, so you can just focus on the most important thing in your business:

Talking to potential clients.

A social media presence is the first step on your journey to creating a better income from your business so you can work from home, pay off debt, or take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Plus you’ll be able to help more people and start building a community that really values and respects you.

So Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Ashley Shaw and I’m the host of the Social Selling Simplified podcast.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 9,500 people just like you to use social media to effectively grow their business.

With over 18 years of experience, I know exactly what to say and do on social media to get more clients.

And I’ve proven it by growing my own business to over 7 figures using social media (most “influencers” can’t do that with 100,000 followers… and I only had 7,012 when I achieved it!).


101 Social Posting Templates

These 101 Social Posting Templates will give you…

  • A social media strategy that has been proven to turn lurkers into clients and team members without being obnoxious or salesy
  • The exact content to post (or tweak if you feel like it) so you’ll never be stuck on what to post ever again
  • The ability to be consistent with your social media because I’ve taken all the guesswork out for you (if you can copy and paste, you can succeed)

And these 3 things combine to create exponential results greater than you ever thought possible.

But don’t just believe me…

Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Say

Sharon Ormsby

“This has to be the BEST MONEY I’ve ever spent! Since I started this done for you posting plan, I’ve hit SC 14!!

Not to mention how easy it is when the work is done for you. It gave me time to focus on the follow ups!! Thanks Ashley!!”

Helena Metzker

“Ashley Shaw!! I am beyond grateful and blessed to have found you!! I have been following the conversations flow from her Done For You Plan and oh may!!

I think I am having ongoing genuine conversations with at least 7 people. Pressure gone! And genuine interest is forming without me doing a sales pitch.

Your genius and easy to follow plan has really helped me to keep it cute and short.”

Susie Marie

“It must be something about day 3 for me whenever Ashley Shaw is involved.

I did her Done For You Plan and got 2 challengers DIRECTLY because of it (that I for sure know) by day 6 and this morning I woke up to ANOTHER person asking to get in on this journey!.

Do the work (I mean, ITS GIVEN TO YOU!) and see results. Easy peasie!!”

Here’s What You Get With

101 Social Posting Templates

For each social media post, you’ll receive:

  • A strategic post type that you can model for ideas in the future
  • An explanation of what each post is going to achieve for your business
  • A prompt about what each specific post should focus on so you can customize it for your own brand and voice
  • A fill-in-the-blanks caption that will save you hours of writing time

And you receive this for every single one of the 101 social posting templates so you can…

  • Get new clients
  • Attract new team members
  • Provide value to your audience
  • Grow your social following

These 101 social media posting templates for the health, wellness, beauty & supplement industries are created strategically to help you build rapport, increase engagement, and sell with authenticity.

How Much Do You Invest?

As I mentioned before, you could hire a cheap outsourcer at $5 per post and still spend $505 for this package.

Using the high-quality team we have, it cost us $7,800 to put this together.

But if you act now, you can get it for just $97 (normally $402).

That’s less than $1 per post and will save you about 100 hours of researching and writing for yourself.

Plus I’m giving you our famous…

“Make Money Or Pay Nothing” Guarantee

Our team lives by one simple rule:

If you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!

So if you can’t use this to get real, tangible results in the next 30 days…

Then I’ll refund your entire investment, just for giving it a go.

Special Bonus

How To Slow The Scroll With Trish Taylor (normally $47)
This unique training will teach you exactly how to get attention in a busy social media feed so you actually get your content consumed.

After all, if people don’t stop…

They can’t consume, engage and turn into followers.

This special bonus will make sure you’re doing everything possible to stand out and attract your ideal clients online.

But This Is A Limited Time Offer

The 101 Social Posting Templates are currently on sale until midnight on May 15.

After that, they go back into the vault!

So if you don’t like working for less than minimum wage, make sure you get the templates today!

Here’s What To Do Next

It’s clear that these 101 Social Posting Templates will save you a ton of time…

And they’re guaranteed to get you clients or your money back.

So just click the button below, fill out your details and get instant access to the templates.

It’s the smartest way I know to work less and make more as a business owner.

I Want To Make More In Less Time

I look forward to hearing your success story,

P.S. You’ll get access to 101 Social Posting Templates for just $101 if you act before midnight on Sunday, May 15.

Plus they’re guaranteed to attract new followers, clients, and team members without being obnoxious or salesy…

Or your money back.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here’s What Some More Of Our Clients Have To Say

Krista Knox

“Ashley gave me the tools I needed to see that my story matters and taught me how to use my voice in a way that will allow my business to grow in an authentic way.

Ashley, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me how to turn my struggles into a new beautiful reality. You showed me that I am exactly where I need to be to become the woman I know I was meant to be.”

Bria Evenson

“Each activity and opportunity to work together has clarified and strengthened my understanding of my own mission, skills and opportunities. Often I find that courses provide inspiration but not enough direction…and Ashley has helped me find inspiration THROUGH the direction and clarity that her courses and work has provided.

I have seen a significant increase in social engagement, direct messages from my IDEAL customers and a deeper connection with the customers I already had. I would absolutely recommend any chance to work with Ashley.”

Melanie Hagn

“Hey, I am entering my 3rd year of coaching and am reevaluating how I run my business. For me your templates have been a game changer as it helps me to post regularly.”

I Want To Make More In Less Time