A writer, culture-changer and speaker. I believe organizations can reach sustainable growth with unlimited potential by curating and leveraging an engaged workplace culture. 

Culture Is My Belief.

I am passionate about creating environments with clients who embrace the belief that leadership, ability, and motivation can change a culture.

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For as long as I can remember, I have had an insatiable curiosity about culture and how it could impact the bottom line. I wanted to know what made certain cultures GREAT.  

Why did some companies get it and others didn’t?

What could companies do to bring culture, passion and purpose together to create an environment where employees never wanted to leave?

How would this impact their bottom line?

I had worked for companies that had great culture and others that didn’t. As a millennial, I had felt the difference going to work feeling engaged and inspired vs constantly the time before I could clock out.

I quickly realized that having disengaged people was the biggest drain to any organization and quickly takes you out of the running of every doing anything substantial. If your people feel like they are in detention, they will never be GREAT. They  will just collect a pay cheque and be VERY okay with their hourly wage. The secret to all wildly successful organizations is how they create a culture where people never want to leave, feel a deep sense of commitment to the cause and want it to succeed as bad as YOU do.

Culture can be defined as “the way your people think things get done”. Culture is the DNA that makes up your unique organization and is a combination of the following; the skill your company is best in the world at, what your team is deeply passionate about and what these gifts give back to the world. If you combine all three, an unparalleled service is offered to the world and you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams. If these concepts are not defined, your disengaged people will.

Most importantly of all, I believe any organization can become great, no matter what state the culture is. You have the power to take the company where you want it to go.

I’m here to help. My passion for culture is built from unshakable optimism, a labour of love, a passion for purpose, and a commitment to being an unstoppable force for finding the good in every company.

A born-and-raised small-town Ontario girl with nothing more than a passion for business, a love for learning and a drive to be successful, I’m went from a girl that cleaned gym equipment to a CEO. My passion for culture began when I helped the largest fitness company in Canada draw out their “why” by asking questions.  Not only did this create authenticity in their marketing, but it helped align their branding to ensure  every detail of the business related back to their “why”.

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